Dichotomous key

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Which is which?

1a.Has blue move to 2

1b.No blue move to 3

2a.Black blue with black laces is Kobenaus special

2b.White laces move to 4

3a.Has some red move to 5

3b.No red move to 6

4a.Has black anywhere move to 7

4b.Very high top Nike is Nikeium airmagnius

5a.Has black laces is Nordia redid

5b.Blue and orange with blue laces are Kevit durantehum

6a.Blue with black nike swoosh and white bottoms is Roshites hum

6b.Blue ocean with white logo are Adidas nutium

7a.White bottoms move to 8

7b.Gold Nike swoosh with black bottom are Tranium nikish

8a.If Nike move to 9

8b.White bottom and black top are Vanish heights

9a.If black laces is freeze runic

9b.Blue laces with black bottoms is Futgule salls