REDCON1 Total War Review

Is This The Best Pre-Workout On The Market?

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REDCON1 Total War Pre Workout Supplement Overview

REDCON1 has really burst onto the scene with their supplement line since industry veteran Aaron Singerman founded the company. The company has taken a simple approach - create supplements that are far better than the competition. Every product that REDCON1 creates is made from the best quality ingredient, by the best minds in the supplement business, and REDCON1 Total War is no different.

Having so much former success in the supplement industry means setting a higher bar for yourself, and time and again REDCON1 delivers. The same minds that brought you Hype Extreme and Dust 2.0 are bringing you the best, most intense pre-workout supplement on the market in Total War.

Total War is not for rookies, as it brings to the table much more than just a kick-in-your-pants load of energy. Do you need to drive more focus at the gym? You got it. Looking for an insane muscle pump? Get ready!

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The Ingredients in REDCON1 Total War

One thing you often find when you pick up a pre-workout supplement is that they are full of proprietary blends. That's not something you'll see when you look at Total War. The ingredients are straightforward and make it easy to see exactly what you are getting when you take the REDCON1 product.

Here's a list of what you'll find on the label -

  • L-Citrulline DL-Malate
  • Beet Root Extract
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Taurine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Bioperine
  • Di-Caffeine Malata
  • Cocophenols
  • Naringin

Looking at all of these ingredients, you'll find something that will help each part of your workout. Another thing to take note of is that there are no fillers in Total War. Everything in this supplement is there for a reason. REDCON1 proudly shows off everything that they put into this awesome product.

Beet root extract is well known to potentially increase muscle pump, which is something we know you're looking for from your pre-workout supplement! It also features several pre-workout staples such as Beta-Alanine and L-Citrulline! Black pepper extract is there to help your body absorb everything else in Total War.

How Much Caffeine is In REDCON1 Total War?

Caffeine is a critical pre-workout component, and often walks that fine line of getting you as amped as you can possibly be vs. sending you over the edge, and into a state of being a jittery mess.

At 250 MG of caffeine, REDCON1 Total War isn't the strongest caffeinated supplement, but it certainly isn't the weakest either. If you're a veteran of pre-workout supplements, the amount of caffeine shouldn't be a problem but should help you get that wake up call you need before the gym.

Unlike many pre-workout powders that simply try and overwhelm you with caffeine, Total War does a nice job of letting the other ingredients do their job while boosting the overall pump with a solid shot of 250MG of caffeine.

How Much Sugar Is In Total War?

Anyone that's actively trying to work on their fitness is probably also concerned with how much sugar they are taking in. With Total War, you don't have to worry about overdoing the sugar intake, because it's sweetened with Sucralose.

The only thing you do want to watch is that the sucralose can sometimes be overly sweet for some folks. It shouldn't hold you back from using the supplement, but it might mean you want to add a little extra water.

Flavors on Flavors on Flavors

There is nothing worse than finding a pre-workout supplement you love, only to become extremely bored with the flavor. REDCON1 puts all your flavors fears to bed by offering a lineup of 17 unique flavors. That's right SEVENTEEN! From "Sour Gummy Bear" to "Strawberry Kiwi" there is something for everyone.
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How Does Total War Make You Feel?

REDCON1 Total War ticks all the boxes when it comes to the effects that you're looking for from a pre-workout supplement. What you can expect when you take a dose of this supplement is that it's going to work quickly, and extremely effective.

The effects take hold fast, driving focus, and a major pump in your muscles. The reason for the pump is the added circulation that the supplement provides to your muscles. The ingredients quickly drive added oxygen into your muscles, letting you push your workouts harder, and longer. You'll have more power, and more stamina when you take Total War before you work out.

The other added benefit of increased circulation is shorter recovery times. Your muscles will be ready to perform better, in a shorter amount of time.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects?

REDCON1 has a great reputation for delivering results, without having any side effects that would often be associated with these type of supplements. There have been very few reports in the way of side effect, however, it's always a good idea to be aware of what you may experience.

Of course, if you are caffeine sensitive, you are going to be at a much higher risk of experiencing any kind of negative side effects. The other thing to be aware of is how Beta Alinine can affect some people, giving them a temporary tingling feeling in the fingers or toes. It's not something many folks experiences, but it should be understood as a possibility.

Wrapping Up on REDCON1 Total War

Whether you're an experienced user of pre-workout supplements or someone who wants their first experience to be a great one, then REDCON1 Total War is a great option. You will get that awesome pre-workout pump you need, along with the focus and stamina to see you through even the toughest of workouts. What you won't get are jitters, stomachaches, and other problems often associated with lower quality supplements. Take your workout to the next level with REDCON1 Total War.