Timeline of Women's Rights

Vista's English 3A 2014


Women couldn't own property in there own name and could not keep there own earnings.


Elizabeth Blackwell is the First woman to recieve a Doctor's degree. Thats when women could join the medical field for the first time.


Women can finally own land in a state and the Medical college is founded in Pennsylvania.


Victoria Chaflin Woodhull is the first woman to run for the President of The United States.


Susan B. Anthony tried voting and tried to test the 14th admendment. She was arrested and tried on June 17-18 In Newyork.


They ratified the 19th Admendment. They educated women on the right to vote and encourage them to keep doing it.


Alice Paul and the National Women's party introduced The ERA to cut out on the basis of Sex.


the Equal pay becomes and Federal Law and that women and men must be given the same pay performing the same job. No matter the race,color, and religion.


The supreme court passes the law that a woman has a right to get an abortion or keep the baby until full term.


U.S Military academies will be required to admit women.In Afghanistan and Iraq wars,women should become more involved.