The War of 1812

Second war between England and America

Cause #1: Impressment

The first cause of the war was impressment. America declared neutrality and wanted to trade with both France and Britain. Neither France or Britain accepted this decision. For a reaction, Britain starting capturing ships and kidnapping soldiers again for a second time. An example of them doing this was the Chesapeake Affair. This happened when a British warship tried to capture the Chesapeake, and American warship, which kidnapped soldiers.
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Fighting around the Chesapeake Bay

British navy moved to the Chesapeake Bay and marched soldiers to Washington D.C. Members of the federal government, including Madison, fled as the British attacked. The Capitol Building and White House were burned.

Battle of New Orleans

Britain wanted to capture New Orleans and the Mississippi to cut off trade. This battle was led by Andrew Jackson and American troops beat the British. It made Jackson a national hero and inspired nationalism throughout the country.

Four effects of the War of 1812

Effect #1: Economy

Factories grew during the war and America depended less on British manufacturing.

Effect #2: Politics

William Henry Harrison and Andrew Jackson became heroes. Meanwhie, Federalists looked unpatriotic after the Hartford convention and "died out."

Effect #3: Foreign Reactions

International Respect happened and America had became a world power.

Effect #4: Culture

America entering a period of nationalism called an "Era of Good Feelings." America also turned from Europe and looked west to expand. Lastly, we created a unique culture distinct from Europe.