scientist make super compound

scientist mix compounds to make super compound

compound juarssic rainbow unicorn

scientist Andrew Unicorn mixed the compounds cells,homeostasis, to make super compound Jurassic Rainbow Unicorn and the compound is still under test to make sure the compound is safe and not harmful.but so far Dr.Unicorn tested it on a rabbit who was carrying young and learned that the coumpound will change the herdity of the animal and it dosent need energy. the scientist test it on a wild cat and it didn't need interdependce anymore.he told us it is the evoultion of the century he said that he has found traces of nucliec acids,proteins,carbrohydrates,and lipids in the compond reasherchers are wondering if the compound Dr.Unicorn said he has made is a hoax or it is a real substance that Dr.Unicorn actually found.He found that the compound has cells and that it might be a new type of species that Dr.Unicorn has found.

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