Digital Citizenship

How to be a better person on the web

9 elements of digital citizenship

1. Digital Access- Full electronic participation in society
2. Digital Commerce- Electronic buying and selling of goods
3. Digital Communication- Electronic exchange of information
4. Digital Literacy- Process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology
5. Digital Etiquette- Electronic standards of conduct or procedure
6. Digital Law- Electronic responsibilities for actions and deeds
7. Digital Rights and Responsibilities- Those freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world
8. Digital Health and Wellness- Physical and Psychological well-being in a digital technology world
9. Digital Security (self-protection)- Electronic precautions to guarantee safety

Internet Safety

It's easier then you think to be internet safe.For one never give out your username or password to anyone. If you get on a website that has commonly misspelled words, that is not a website that is good for getting information off of. Use a password that has a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. If an ad pops up asking for your personal information close it immediately.

PC Troubleshooting Basics

  1. Verify the diskettes or CD are readable by reading the files on the drive. For example, Microsoft Windows users can explore the drive in Windows Explorer. If the CD attempts to AutoPlay, you may need to right-click the drive and click Explore to browse the drive.
  2. If the CD reads fine with no errors, verify your computer meets the minimum requirements of the software program. If your computer does not have enough disk drive space or does not meet the requirements, the program will not install.
  3. Make sure the program or utility you are installing is compatible with the version of operating system you have on your computer. For example, many older utilities such as a virus protection program may only work with a specific version of Microsoft Windows.
  4. If you are getting stopped at the CD-KEY or Serial Number verification, verify you are entering your correct number. If you lost your number or key or it does not work, you need to contact the developer of the program.