George Washington Carver

By:Ada Clough


George Washington Carver was a man that almost everyone liked. He never cared about fame he cared about others. He also but everyone above him. George is an inventor and very important people do things a normal person can't or think of.
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What would we eat if we ran out of farmland? Would we just eat junk food and people would get very obsessed? Good thing George Washington Carver invented new ways to save farmland and more efficient ways to grow crops like hydroponics. This is when you grow food or plants by just water, no soil.

Growing Up

George Washington Carver was born into slavery in Missouri. One night his dad died in an accident by a nearby farm. Once his dad passed away George's mother and sisters got kidnapped. George was left behind because of a really bad cold, and soon was brought to a plantation to then find out that two kind people would take care of him, Moses and Sarah Carver. After the war, since African Americans couldn't go to school, Sarah had taught George how to read. Once he learned how to read he got more interested in plants and animals.

Peanut Problem

Once the Chinese farmers found out that American farmers were selling peanuts very well, Chinese farmers decided to sell America peanuts at a good price. Then people started to get sick from the cheap peanuts the Chinese were selling Americans. The people want the government to put a tariff on the Chinese peanuts, but Mr.Carver was the spokesmen, he only had 10 minutes to speak. George convinced the government to but a tariff on Chinese peanuts.

World War 2

During World War 2 there was a rubber shortage, Henry Ford turned to George to figure out how to make more. George had so many ideas, and so many ideas that failed. Until one night he tried sweet potatoes and it work, he made rubber out of sweet potatoes. All the soldiers thanked him for helping so much.

Always Remembered

Later in his life in 1942, George fell down a flight of steps, he never recovered from his fall. In 1643, the damage from his fall got kept getting worse, and Carver died. On his grave it had said “he could have had fortune and fame, but he wanted neither, he found happiness and honor in being helpful to the world".

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Lasting Legacy

George Washington Carver was a great addition to our world, because of George he helped people survive World War 2. George also invented a new way to make peanuts, also he found out was to make food into real life uses.

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