John Adams

President and Founding Father

Where it all started...

John Adams was the eldest of 3 sons, he was born October 30,1735 in Massachusetts. John was raised in a mostly modest surroundings, he felt he had to live up to his families heritage. He was a well rounded boy.He was a direct descendant of the puritan Henry Adams, who immigrated from England. John had a lot to live up to, his father was a council man and part of congregationalist Deacon. John Attended Harvard University at the age of 16. His father expected him to become a minister, but John always had doubts. John started out teaching school and giving time for him to think about what he really wants to do with his life, after a few years went by, he became a lawyer. After years of making a name for himself, Adam married his third cousin, Abigail. Adams often found his inborn contentiousness to be a constraint in his political career. John Adams was apart of many historic events in early history. He was apart of the Stamp act of 1765, the Boston Massacre and the making of Americas Independence.

On the Road to Presidency!

President John Adams

Adams quickly became identified with the patriot cause, the Stamp Act of 1765. Adams argued that the Stamp Act deprived American colonists of the basic rights to be taxed by consent and to be tried by a jury of peers. Later on in this battle, John made a public speech to the Massachusetts governor and his council on how the act is invalid. That was just the beginning of John Adams career. Later on, he represented British Soldiers on trial for killing five civilians in what became known as the Boston Massacre. He was defending the soldiers, which not to many people were fond of at the time. Since he was defending the murders, his law practice suffered greatly. But, it later made his reputation as a courageous, generous and fair man. The next big achievement on his list, elected to the Massachusetts assembly and was one of the five men to represent the colony at the first continental Congress. That's when John Adams had the great idea of making all the colonies independent governments. John Adams wrote the preamble for the declaration of Independence and was along side historic men help write it. Adams was great friends with George Washington and made his the first President of the United States and John Adams Vice President Of the United States. This is how he was elected President the next term.
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As the Second President Of the United States- John Adams

John Adams ran against Thomas Jefferson. It ended with a narrow winning margin for Adams. He is known now as the second President of the United States! During Adams Presidency, a war started between the French and British. It was causing political difficulties for the United States. This broke out into a undeclared war. By 1800, the undeclared war had ended and Adams had become significantly less popular with the public. He lost in re-election campaign in the 1800, Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States.

Life After President of the United States

Adams retired on his farm in Quincy, Massachusetts. Here he penned elaborate letters to Thomas Jefferson. He died July 4, 1826.

Goals and Bust

Goals: John Adams started out as a great Vice President, then once he became President, so many things went down in the world that they were out of his control. I don't think he had enough experience. He did not have many goals as a President.

Bust: John Adams did however have some busts as President. Started a war with British and France. He focused more on France. Adams did not call war on this despite some naval hostilities. After all of this undeclared war had happened, his popularity dewindled down and was defeated for re-election the following year.

President John Adams and His Cabinet Members:

Secretary Of State: Timothy Pickering and John Marshall

Secretary Of the Treasury: Oliver Wolcott, Jr. and Samuel Dexter

Secretary Of War: James McHenry and Samuel Dexter

Attorney General: Charles Lee

Secretary Of the Navy: Benjamin Stoddert

If John Adams was eligable to be elected President today?

I do not think that John Admas could handle the Government and Society today. Things have changed sine he was President and there is way more conflict and serious issues taken place today. If he could not handle one small battle between France and Britain, who knows how he could handle Iran and all the big battles today.

Fun Facts!!!

John Adams Son was the 6th President of the United States

He and only one other president have lived over 90

Was the first President to live in the White House (only 4 months)

Was the First Lawyer President