A Message from James Sales

Steps to connect your child's iPad to the internet at home.

Important Information

Hello James Sales Families. Thank you for being so incredibly patient as we troubleshoot connecting your district iPads. We believe we have a solution to connecting your child’s iPad to your home Wi-Fi. First, please DO NOT let your child to put a pass code on their iPad. If they forget the code, they will be locked out and will not be able to get back in. Please follow the steps listed below to connect.

These steps are on the sheet of paper we provided you when you checked out your iPad.

1. Connect your iPad to your home internet (go to settings then Wi-Fi, select the internet you want to connect to and enter in the credentials

2. Open Safari

3. You will be presented with a box asking for your username and password.

Username: jamessales

Password: student2016

These steps are being sent to your home email and will be posted on the James Sales Website by going to www.fpschools.org and click on the 3 little bars in the upper right hand corner, select ‘Schools’, then ‘James Sales’. Click through the banners on the home page to see the link for connecting iPads to the internet.

Please call our IT department at 253-298-4656 if you need further assistance with following these steps. Please contact the school at jbruce@fpschools.org for school content questions.

Thank you!