Welcome to Pre- K!

Welcome, Families!

Welcome to Pre-K!! My name is Robin Custodi and I will be your child’s Pre-K teacher this year! My assistant is Karen Mogavero. We are so excited for this year! We will be learning so much and will be having lots of fun while doing so! I can’t wait for all of your child’s successes this year. I look forward to having a great year!


School Hours and Abscences

Hours: Instruction begins each day at 9:30am. Students begin to arrive at 9:00am every morning and we will have breakfast in the classroom each day. I know that the mornings can get very busy at times. Please make sure to try your best to get your child to school on time so that they can get settled in for the day with the class, have breakfast, and do their daily morning routine with the rest of the class.

Instruction ends each day at 3:30pm. If you are picking your child up from school at the end of the day, you will be able to pick him or her up from the Jefferson Ave. door at 3:45pm.


Absences: Throughout the year, there will be times that your child may get sick, need to go to the doctors, etc. If your child is absent from school please make sure to contact the office at (716) 816-4180 and when they return please send a note in with your child regarding the absence.

Contact Information

Communication is so important to me and is so important for a successful year! If you ever need to contact me, please do not hesitate. Here are some ways that you can reach me:

Class Dojo- https://www.classdojo.com/invite/?c=CGAWVD2

Email: Rcustodi@buffaloschools.org

School Phone: (716) 816-4180

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Classroom Management

I love having a lot of fun in school and especially in our classroom! I love to celebrate wonderful behavior and hard work! I also believe in having a classroom where every student feels safe, comfortable, happy, and feels cared for. I want each and every student to succeed to his or her highest potential and I will do everything I can to make that happen. In order for this to happen, I make sure that I have a well-managed class. One management system I do in my class is 5 high fives. Each time that your child does as is expected of them in my class, they will earn a high five. Their goal is to earn 5 high fives, then they will get to pick a prize out of my prize box for their wonderful work and behavior!

Sometimes, we don’t always have our best days. And that is absolutely okay! If a student does not do what is expected, I will give them a warning. If the behavior continues, they will lose center time. If the behavior still continues after they lose center time, they will lose recess time. If the behavior still continues after losing recess, I will call home to let you know about your child’s behavior for the day.

However, I always believe in giving students another chance. We all have our off days! Therefore, I will always give opportunities for students to make better choices and earn high fives.

The children are always very excited to earn high fives and to earn a prize! We will also be working hard to earn classroom parties throughout the year to celebrate our classroom successes!

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Your child’s safety is the most important thing. I like to make sure I know exactly how they are coming to and from school. Please make sure to fill out the student information/ transportation packet if you have not already done so. If your child is riding the bus to and from school and you are unsure of what their bus number is, please contact the transportation office.

If you are bringing your child to school in the morning, please make sure they arrive to school starting at 9:00am so that they can have breakfast from 9:00-9:30am in our classroom. School will start at 9:30am. If they arrive after 9:30am, it will be considered a tardy.

If your child is taking the bus home every day, I will be placing a bus tag on their book bag. This will allow their bus driver all the information they need to get your child home safely. Please make sure your child has the tag on their book bag ALWAYS. I sent your child home today with their bus tag. If they ever lose it, I have extras for them!

If you are picking up your child everyday, you can pick them up at the Jefferson Ave. side door at 3:45.

Please let me know who is allowed to pick your child up because I am not able to let them go home with anyone that I or the office is not aware of. This is for your child’s safety. If the person who picks them up ever changes throughout the year, please let me or the office know.

If your child normally rides the bus but needs to be picked up on a certain day please put that in writing and/or call the main office (716) 816-4180.

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Pre K Curriculum

Makowski is an IB school…one of very few in WNY. In short, this means, we as teachers work hard to help your child become lifelong learners and inquirers. We encourage them to show the behaviors of a strong member of society such as cooperation, empathy, respect, etc. In an IB program, children learn through inquiry and discovery and use their own curiosity with teacher guidance to find out more. In Pre-K we work on three IB units entitled “Who We Are,” “How We Express Ourselves,” “How the World Works,” and “How We Organize Ourselves”.

Throughout the year, we work on many skills. We practice counting sets and making a set showing a given number. We work on recognizing our own names and the names of others. We learn to identify numerals, colors, shapes, and letters. We focus on stories, characters, setting, and main idea. We practice learning to write our first and last names. We rhyme, sing songs, learn to love school, and so much more.

Let's have a great year!!

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