Make a delicous Great Depression!

(sadness included)

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What you'll need

Prep time: 1920-1929

Cook time: 4 Years

1 Stick of underconsumption

1/2 cup Uneven distribution of wealth and income

3 teaspoons Overproducing farms

6 ounces Uneven distribution of wealth

60 cups of Bank closures

1/4 a cup of Unemployment

2 cups of Business closures

1 Cup of Stock Market crash

16 Cups of selling frenzy

16 Ounces of Federal Reserves

1 Teaspoon of Smoot-Hawley Tariff

2 Cups of raised trade barriers

4 Teaspoons of trade wars

1 Cup of Dust Bowl

Pre-heat oven until October 29th, 1929 and put it in with the stock market.

Let it sit in there until high expectations of the stock market are gone.

Then Voila! You have a delicious pan of The Great Depression!

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