Busy Cities

Urbanization by Franklin R. and Daniel N.

Historical Background

Started happening in the 18th century.

An important leader was Jethro Tull.

The population was growing so they needed to spread out.

It was used in the industrial revolution because it had many job opportunities in factories.

Back Then

The working conditions in factories were horrible.

There was also inflation from 1790 to 1840.

Entrepreneurs and industrialist gained enormous wealth.But even with their high wealth they had poor living conditions.

it also led to job opportunities.

during the revolution it led to government investing in improvements and rise standards for living/city dwellers


There was improved working classes.

There was a reduced death rate.

There was a overpopulation in 3rd world countries.

Large number of people are looking for jobs. Since there's more people, there's more products being made.


Changes Today

Many people moved to different areas to get away from their crowded home.

People spread out around the countries in search for a job to help them survive.