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A couple of tutorials to get your started!

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Let's give it a go........

Let's put together a flyer about a iPads for Teaching and Learning. I know many of you are wondering what all the hoo-a-la is about. Hopefully you will have an idea when you finish this assignment.

Here are a few things to think about as you do your research. Maybe you already have an iPad, or maybe you are looking for justification for buying one, either way, the chances of an iPad being a part of your teaching future are are pretty secure. So it is time to gain a little perspective.

  • What are the advantages,
  • Why are schools jumping on the iPad bandwagon,
  • What's so cool about an iPad.
  • What about digital textbooks?
  • What about special needs and accessibility features?
  • Could an iPad replace a computer?
  • What can you do with an iPad?
  • Why does it engage kids?
  • What about the entertainment value?
  • Reading? Word Processing?, Presentations?
  • Could this level the playing field for all students?
  • What is is cost savings between the device, books, paper, etc, etc.

KSDE statistics indicate that about 75% of the schools in Kansas are already using iPads to some degree and many are 1:1 or about to move that direction.

1:1 means every student has a device to use 24/7. 1:1 means the iPad is assigned to the student. In fact, I just learned a few weeks ago, that every teacher in Manhattan is receiving an iPad.

In fact, the KSU College of Education is moving to an iPad requirement in 2014 (just waiting for the Board of Regents signature). It will be a requirement when a student is admitted to teacher education. You are already admitted, so the requirement will not impact you, but a small piece of the reason for implementing the requirement is that it will save students a great deal of money on textbooks. Of course, there are many, many more reasons.

  1. Your Flyer/Newsletter must have not less than 10 websites/resources with descriptions, links and images. But more is super.
  2. You must have at least 3 videos (but you many have more) on the topic of iPads in the classroom.
  3. Do your research, dig deep, find appropriate information, images, links, videos that you could use in your education and teaching
  4. Put together all your resources in a Smore document.
  5. Embed your Smore document on your website (instructions below)
  6. Title your Smore and your post: iPads in the Classroom.
  7. Resources to get you started are below.

Add a New post and the embed code from smore to your website

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Transforming the Classroom with iPads

It's always good to see how other teachers are using new ideas and techniques in teaching students. 1st grade Crestview Elementary teacher Kristina Kellogg shows how she's employed ipads in her classroom to help students enjoy reading and enhance their desire to improve those skills. On a broader scale, Ms. Kellogg explains how she uses the tools to individualize and differentiate instruction to each student. She admits there were a few challenges at first, but the progress her students have made has far outweighed those obstacles. Take a look
Transforming the Classroom with iPads

A few resources to get your started on your research, but these are only a starting place!

Classroom Newsletters with
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