Monday Minute

December 10, 2018

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East Washington Middle School in Pekin, Indiana (Washington County) is a brand new School to Watch! Led by principal Amber King, Middle School Principal of the Year for District 12, the school excels in such areas as PLTW, social-emotional support, widespread involvement in activities, and honors courses and remediation built into the school day. At the beginning of the year, they have a kickoff ceremony to choose houses for the 4 years. Every other Friday is a house/team meeting day, which includes athletic, academic, social and creative challenges.
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When I saw this powerful story on "60 Minutes" last night, I couldn't help but think of the keynotes at our 2018 conference from Ben Glenn and Janie Ulmer. As they so eloquently pointed out to us, we should approach students with, "What's happened to you?" rather than, "What's wrong with you?" One teacher cared enough to not give up on Ryan Speedo Green, even when he was in juvenile detention. He is now a successful opera singer. While the teacher, Elizabeth "Bette" Hughes, declined to be on camera, I did find this article that includes her.

A Love Letter to the Junior High Choir

A teacher friend shared this post last December; I think it's a great depiction about middle level students, and why many of us have chosen to work with this age level. The author, Emily Sutherland, gave us permission to share it here. Were your own middle school/junior high years anything like this? Does it describe your school?
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By popular demand, our conference is returning to the Indianapolis Marriott North for 2019. We will be sending out the request for presenters soon after the new year. We also wanted you to see the winner of our inaugural art show for 2018. Xoran Curry from Tecumseh Middle School in Warrick County was our happy, talented winner! He is pictured with principal Keith Paige, student teacher Michelle Higgins, art teacher Christine Woolsey (who helped get the art show going), and teacher Dakota Adcox.

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ESSA Revision Comment Period

At our IMLEA board meeting last week, some members commented that they have completed this survey, and to be sure to encourage you to do so as well. You can find the background information, proposed amendments to Indiana's plan, and the form to respond on this page. The deadline is December 21.

Argument-Driven Inquiry Workshop Coming to Indiana

In collaboration with the Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Inc. (HASTI), there is an opportunity to learn about Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI) on January 14 in New Albany. You can read more about it on HASTI's website (as well as their February conference). The goal of the ADI model is to incorporate evidence-based pedagogy into curriculum, focusing on STEM for this workshop. Deadline to register is January 1.

Time to Investigate Online Learning Games over Break?

Larry Ferlazzo, who possibly has the most educational lists on the web (perhaps other than Cybraryman), has this recent post about online learning games. It's well worth exploring his other "Best of" lists.

Just for Fun: Your Nine Secret Favorite Coworkers

Who comes to mind when you see this list? Would you have the same nine, or maybe even more?

Who would put you on their list?

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