Crittenden's Critters

Weekly Updates from Room F7

Dates to Remember

Week of May 2-6th - Teacher Appreciation Week

Friday, May 6 - SPIRIT DAY: Stuffed Animal and Book Day!

Friday, May 6 - Mother's Day Tea from 11:00-12:25 in the classroom

May 12 - Whole Class Field Trip to the San Diego Zoo (more information to come)

May 13 - Spring Carnival!

Monday, May 30 - Memorial Day - No School

Please remember to turn in your Pledge Sheets for the Spell-A-Thon by this Friday, May 6th!

Upcoming Birthdays

May 31 - Blaine

June 11 - Roman

June 18 - Aiden

June 27 - Raul

Mother's Day Tea

Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and we would like to thank our mommas as a class!

Mothers, please join us for a special Mother's Day Tea in our classroom on Friday, May 6th from 11:00-12:25.

There will be refreshments (tea, lemonade, cookies, etc) and we will be performing some songs that we have been working on for you! The kids will have some special gifts for you to honor you on this special day.

I hope to see all of you there! :)

Don't forget- this Friday is Stuffed Animal/Favorite Books Day! Please allow your child to bring 1 stuffed animal (needs to fit on their desk) and up to 3 of their favorite books to read! :)

Spring Carnival!

Please check your child's Friday Folder for the small yellow slip that was sent home this week. It is the ticket order form for our Spring Carnival!

Please join us on Friday, May 13th from 5:00-8:00 PM for our annual Carnival! It is a guaranteed good time! Please fill out the ticket order form, or you can purchase tickets here: Order your tickets now and save! Ticket prices will be $.75 per ticket the day of.

Bring the entire family and enjoy a fun-filled night of games, crafts, prizes, cakewalk, food, treats, a library book sale, and an inflatable obstacle course!

I hope to see you all there!

Weekly Curriculum Update

May Themes: During the month of May, we will be continuing to focus on animal habitats and needs. This will intertwine with our study of information writing when we write our research papers on an animal of our choice. We will also be studying continents, and global travel to learn about different countries and cultures.


Foundational: This week we will be reviewing the suffix endings -ed and -ing. The suffix -ed can be added to basewords to change the meaning of the word. Adding suffix -ed can be added to make the word mean that it happened in the past. We will be learning about suffix -ing as well, which can be added to basewords to be that something is happening right now. We will continue to review concepts like closed syllables, vowel-consonant-e syllables, and trick words.

Literature: We will continue to focus on comprehension strategies that help the reader to better understand the text. We will be learning about questioning, visualizing texts, making connections, determining importance, and analyzing a text. Students will learn to compare and contrast different texts from different authors, genres or topics. We will also be reviewing text structures of both non-fiction and fiction texts and how they help us to better understand the text.

WRITING:We have started our unit on informational writing. This unit will consist of students learning how to write about facts that they know about a certain topic. This past week, we worked on writing "I know about" pieces in which students named something that they were an expert on, told up to three facts about that topic, and gave a conclusion sentence. Students will learn how to organize an informational piece to help explain a topic. We will build up to researching an animal of our choice and writing an informative piece about that animal.


Cubs: Cubs will be building on their knowledge of place value this week. They will be applying what they know about groups of tens and ones to solve problems. They will also be working on basic addition facts.

Bears: This week we will be learning about three dimensional shapes. We will learn about the different three dimensional shapes (cube, sphere, rectangular prism, cylinder, and cone) and how to compose and decompose shapes with three dimensional attributes. We will be reviewing what we have learned about two dimensional shapes and fractions as well.


In the month of May, we will continue our study of habitats and animals that have adapted to survive in their habitat. We have three habitats left! Students will be using their background knowledge to distinguish whether or not certain animals can survive in a different habitat. We will also be discussing our Earth and how amazing it is that we have as many habitats as we do on our planet. Students will be learning about ways to keep these habitats clean and healthy for our Earth's animals.


This week we will travel to India! In the midst of our travels, students have started to learn about continents and their place on our Earth. We will travel to three different countries before the end of the year! Do you have any family ties or knowledge of a certain country? We would love your input in our travels!