Eunice Silva

August Tasks

Personal Task: Make a radical change.

I am eating more healthy, doing exercises daily, waking up early, and giving my best to change my inside and outside.

Spiritual Task: Invest in your spiritual life

I have being waking up early everyday to meditate on the word of God and it has been amazing, I wake up with pleasure so God can talk to me and I can praise Him by myself.

The words that stood out for me was:

“No one, when he has lit a lamp, puts it in a secret place or under a basket, but on a lampstand, that those who come in may see the light. The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness. Therefore take heed that the light which is in you is not darkness. If then your whole body is full of light, having no part dark, the whole body will be full of light, as when the bright shining of a lamp gives you light.”

I learnt a lesson in my life that I cannot forget for one minute, my eyes are the light of my body therefore whatever I see that wants to make me dark, I don’t accept!!! It doesn’t belong to me !!! I refuse and I send it to hell !!!

I have been asking God to wash my eyes, to make me clean, otherwise I may be thinking that I am shining when in fact my light is off and my whole body is in darkness.

And this one:

"He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:37,38)

Discipline Task:

I organised my bills and by the end of September I will be able to pay everything.

Family Task

Jesus said to Martha and to me, “Your brother will rise again.”

As Jesus did I am doing, He cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth!”

I have been crying with a loud voice their names. And giving more attention to them. My sister said that my brother is getting better and giving more ears to the things of God. Soon I will be able to give my testimony.


I have been reading the blogs daily and making comments every week, However I am not going to see this as a task anymore, I will continue to do that from now on. As I see that when I make a comment I learn more because I have to think and meditate before I write.


We are working hard for the realise event, calling people, posting the newspapers, and helping the member one by one. Soon we will have a strong church in Hammersmith.

Little Sisters

I have made an appointment to speak with all of them this month and It was really profitable. Here what they are facing.

Gilesa Johnson - Has immigration problem and cannot go to university because of that.

Action- She is preparing a new application to send in September.

Gemma Leon - Is observing an Assistant from Finsbury Park, I think she mentioned it to you. She is praying with his picture this month.

Samantha Abia- I couldn't keep the appointment I had with her so I am going to talk to her on Monday.

Sibon Phiri - She is going through a lot at the moment, I am helping her closely, soon I will give you an update on how she is doing.

Nancy Dayo - I have seen a great change in her, She is no longer sick as she used to be. The doctors discharge her from all treatments this month. She is much happier and also was blessed in her Love Life.

Kimberly Gold- Is sleeping on the floor for more than a year now, after speaking to her many times about that. This time I said to her that this situation must change. She applied for a council house and now she is waiting.

Amelia- She is a blessing, always in the faith. (I mean, I have nothing to say about her now)

Jennifer Mensah - Has many debts and for what I could see she is really straggling to pay everything. I will be talking to her again next week.