TK Enrichments

Upcoming Enrichments

1/19-Yoga in the auditorium (dress kids in comfy clothes)

1/22-Chinese New Year Drum Art project *change of date on this one, parents still needed

1/29-Chinese New Year Lion Dance and Martial Arts Assembly in the auditorium

2/2-Dentist in the class

2/4-Ambulance walk through in teacher parking lot

3/4-Theater Field Trip in the bus-more info to come, chaperones will be needed

3/16-Professor Egghead in the classroom (science)

Week after Spring Break- your child will be coming home with butterfly larvae and instructions on how to care for them. Food is included.

4/1 and 4/8-Gardening in the Kinder Yard (this might get messy)

Sometime in May-Wildlife Learning Center (out in the big kids' play yard)