Arab of Emirates

Home of the camels


Arab of Emirates is outside coast of Arabian Peninsula.


In Arab of Emirates is mostly really hot and very dry. It averages about 90-101 degrees both day and night.

Climate type:

United Arab of Emirates has a very hot, extremely humid climate, and very dry area. It's is mostly desert in most parts in Arab of Emirates because of it's super warm weather.
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How to fit in: Language(s)

In United Arab of Emirates, English is most spoken in the capital of Dubai. You will see many others speak Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Tagalog, Persian, Chinese, Malayalam, and plenty more but those are most spoken languages.

How to fit in: Folkways

Folkway 1: It is most important to greet and acknowledge the most superior person in the room. It shows respect and gives status to your personality.

Folkway 2: When you meet someone, It is important you say Sheikh (chief) (or Sheikha for a woman) which it means Mr/Mrs. Many people address the first name first so for example John Smith will be addressed as Mr.John

Folkway 3: Special respect are given to people who are older people in many circumstances. It pays good respect to them and you. Standing up also gives them respect once they enter the room. Same goes with greeting. If they are older it is good to greet them first and have them get the first meal.

Folkway 4: Always use your right hand. The left hand us usually to known as one of the unclean parts of your body since it is used for bodily hygiene. Use your right to eat, shake hands or handing over an item.


There is several taboos that you may not think of everyday. For example, holding hand with a man shows friendship not homosexuality however homosexuality is illegal. Another thing is you can not kiss out in public. You may only hand-hold.


Children are raised to be good children like respecting their parents, and interact with other relatives. At 5 years old, a child is called "jahel". It means "who does not know" which has a tolerate attitude agains't them.
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In United Arab of Emirates have another subcultural region. They are called Shi'i Muslim. They are minority but are not that big of a difference with each other. The Shi'i Muslim celebrate the same holidays but celebrate it a little different with the others. They have no conflict with no one.