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August Newsletter

A Note From The AAMU/UAH RIC Team

Welcome Back!

Summer is over, and it's time to return to teaching and learning! I hope that you all had a relaxing and family-fun-filled time over the much-needed break. We have already begun scheduling and planning professional learning for all of you outstanding and hardworking educators!

The AAMU/UAH RIC team would like to present to many and introduce to some our new Regional Inservice Center (RIC) Director. Meet Aundria Campbell. She was formerly the Technology in Motion Specialist for Region 3. She is excited and eager to serve you all as your new RIC director. She is most excited about networking and building relationships with district leaders, administrators, and teachers within our region!

As a team, we are all looking forward to the growth that will begin in our region! We can not wait to visit your district and see all of the fabulous things you are doing! It's going to be a great year!

Happy Teaching & Learning,

The AAMU/UAH Regional In-service Center Team!

Your Region 3 Staff Leaders


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2022-2023 AAMU/UAH RIC Book Study Grants

Apply NOW to get your Book Study funded! We're here to support YOU!

Check out Upcoming PowerSchool Training Opportunities

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Recommended for new Administrators and Counselors You Don't want to Miss this Event!

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National Board Certification

#ALRegion3NBCT (National Board Certified Teacher) Support

The AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center is proud to partner with and advocate for educators currently pursuing NBCT status or interested in pursuing NBCT status. For more information about NBCT mentoring support and opportunities offered through the AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center, please complete the Region 3 NBCT interest form and someone from our team will be reaching out to you soon!


Are you interested in Becoming a National Board Teacher?

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Check out our center's NBCT Resources! #NBCT4ALL

The AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center offers mentoring support for #ALRegion3 educators. Our mentors “walk alongside” candidates to support them “ through the certification process, often starting before the teacher actually applies for certification. Candidate support providers ask questions that help a candidate show evidence more clearly, are sensitive to a candidate’s emotional needs, help candidates create organizational systems to manage the process, locate resources to help with technology demands, and provide models of feedback that broaden and deepen the candidate’s own analytical abilities”.


Let the AAMU/UAH Inservice Center mentor you through the National Board process. You should not have to attempt it alone!

Alabama Best Practices Center

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Mark Your Calendar! #ALRegion3 Happenings

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aamuinservice

Use Hashtag: #AAMUUAHRICWorks

ALSDE Wakelet

For the most up-to-date ALSDE Initiatives and Sections resources visit the ALSDE Wakelet for your "one-stop" shop for Student Learning

Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM)

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News from “The living world”…..Biology.

Shout out to all the Region 3 schools who have worked so hard to advance their students with hands-on learning. Thank you for the pictures of students in action last year please send them this year as long as there is a media policy on file.. We love seeing their curiosity!

As specialists, we all want to be able to spend more time coaching and working with you as teachers, so please let me know times that I can do this. I am available to help plan, co-teach, work through kits with you, and just be with you and your students ☺️.

You can request kits through Monday.com at the link below. To understand more about them, click on the link below for the ASIM link for all regions and choose AAMU. Kit deliveries are on a 2-week rotation and must be filled out on Monday.com. Please be on the lookout for follow-up emails from me regarding specifics on kit deliveries, delivery schedules, and more. Also, if you have new personnel or know of anyone interested in ASIM (Biology, Environmental, Anatomy, Physics, Chemistry) training/assistance, please let us know.

Overall kit training is help in the summer, but we will be having some training ongoing through the school year. These updates are sent by email, on Facebook and Twitter. I am currently working on some things for our environmental teachers through GLOBE.gov. We are also working on an ACT science experience like math has been doing so look for that to be upcoming.

Kit request link:


Facebook: Asimbio Innovators

Twitter: msASIMbio @MylinaSamples

ACT & ACP resources:


ASIM link for all regions:


If you are not receiving my emails, please email me at the email address below and let me know. Thank you all so much for all you do, and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Ms. Mylina Samples,EdS ASIM Biology Specialist

Email: mylina.asimbio@gmail.com or mylina.dillard@aamu.edu

Work cell: 256-924-8203

Office Phone: 256-372-4472

Twitter: @msASIMBio

Facebook: ASIMbio Innovators

Hashtags to follow: #AAMUUAHBiologyWorks and #AAMUUAHRICWorks


AMSTI-UAH Learning Opportunities

Stay abreast of STEM offerings via AMSTI-UAH's educator resource site. It's jammed-packed with resources for teachers and leaders.

Technology in Motion (ATiM)

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Our former Technolgy in Motion Specialist is currently serving as our Regional Inservice Center Director. With that being said until another specialist is in place, our director Audria Campbell has agreed to continue to support the Technolgy in Motion mission and serve as time allows. Please feel free to contact Aundria Campbell to schedule your instructional technology needs.

WE are here to SUPPORT Region 3!




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Upcoming Marzano Training (Teams Approved!)

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Great Secondary ELA Resources

Secondary ELA Resources Document

This link will automatically require you to make your own copy

EL Support & Resources

Need Support for Your Teachers of Multilingual Students?

Need Support for Your Teachers of Multilingual Students? Well, you're in luck! #ALRegion3 ALSDE EL Specialist, Ms. Ann Marie Batista is here to support. From professional learning sessions to coaching needs, she has you covered. You can reach Ann at annmarie.batista@alsde.edu

Looking for FAFSA Support for Migrant, Homeless & Multilingual Students?

Check out the supports via Alabama Goes To College

OSI Updates

Alabama Coaching Framework

Coaching Framework, Presentations, & Documents

What's New? (Free Learning Opportunities) (Other info)

TeacherMade Training Webinar

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6 MTSS Components to Support Personalized Learning

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Meet the #ALRegion3 Dream Team!

About the AAMU/UAH RIC

The Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University/University of Alabama at Huntsville Inservice Center (AAMU/UAH RIC) is located on the beautiful campus of the historical Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University. The AAMU/UAH RIC partners with administrators, teachers, instructional/content specific coaches, counselors and media specialists in 13 school districts, across 4 counties in ALSDE’s region 3---- Albertville City Schools, Arab City Schools, Boaz City Schools, DeKalb County Schools, Fort Payne City Schools, Guntersville City Schools, Huntsville City Schools, Jackson County Schools, Madison City Schools, Madison County Schools, Marshall County Schools, Scottsboro City Schools and the Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering--- to offer high-quality professional learning experiences to support educator growth.


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