Integrating Technology into PE

Safety, Eating Right, & Training the Body to be Fit for Life

What? Using technology in PE? Of course! Keep your students engaged by utilizing tools shared in this resource. We hope you'll check back often for new ideas!

Online Resources

Smore - digital flyers

Edmodo - class organization and collaboration tool

PB Works - class organization and collaboration tool

sample PB Works Collaborative Site -

Blendspace - multimedia tool to provide easy access to materials for students

Socrative- online assessment tool

Tagxedo - word cloud creator

Choose My Plate - provides resources and tools to create healthy living habits

Nearpod - interactive presentation tool for classrooms

Class Tools: Random Name Picker - draw names randomly to create groups

Vocaroo - voice recording website

Padlet - collaborative space

All FBISD-Approved Digital Resources

Click below to see how one PE teacher uses a blog, QR codes, and other web tools in her classroom.

Awesome Apps


Doodle Buddy – drawing app (illustrate poses, concepts, etc.)

Move Note – app for uploading video, documents, etc. (game instructions, video demos, etc.)

Screen Chomp – illustrate and record voice explaining illustrations

Splice (iphone) – upload stills and video, add text to create a basic presentation (show how to shoot, swing, strike, etc.)

iMovie – upload stills and video, add text and sound to create a robust presentation (PSA video)

iNigma – QR code reader (post at stations for more information)

Socrative - online assessment app; pairs with Socrative website

More Apps

ChoiceBoard Creator (free)- Customize a collection of pictures and add sound effects. Use for teaching skill progression with pictures, communicating with students with special needs, and for customizing student assessments.

Show Me (free): Interactive white board app that allows you to record your voice while illustrating. Draw over any background (a picture of your playground, gym, etc…), save your creations, and replay for your students when needed. Model game procedure, etc.

Labelbox (free): Quickly project an image with text on it. Effective as a warm up when students enter the gym or to quickly highlight a specific skill, behavior, etc. using pictures and text. (sports posters and moves)

TempoPerfect (free): Allows you to set a tempo according to beats per minute (metronome), works great for teaching about the heart, including what heart rate sounds like at 60 BPM versus 200 BPM

Seconds – timer for interval, circuit training, and fitness workouts

First Aid by American Red Cross – videos and information

49 Poses: Kids Yoga – sample poses

Dragon Dictation – voice recording, note-taking

Watch how students at Chesterbrook Elementary in McLean, VA take ownership of their learning.

Techy Swag: Must-haves for Teachers!

Here are some tools we really like. They are not provided by campuses, but may end up on your personal wish lists.