Principal e-Note

Long Elementary School

A Note From Dr. Phillips

Please mark your calendars that December 22nd is half day of school, lunch will not be served. Please make sure your child knows how they are going home that day.

  • Winter Parties 10:30-11:20
  • Dismissal at 12:00 (We will begin parent pick up at 11:50 and Walkers will be called at 11:55).

School Resumes January 5

Long Library Updates

This week in the library, we did all sorts of things! Fifth graders in Mr. Clark’s class and 4th graders in Mr. Reichert’s class worked on 3D design and are learning the base skills to make a personalized bookmark. While these bookmarks will look very similar now, learning these strategies will be key to creating new and exciting items. Mrs. McCoy’s class practiced some introductory coding skills with our Bee Bots. We imagined our Bee Bot was the Gingerbread Man and coded him to run around our “map” to visit many different places.

Rosie came in on Wednesday and several students read their stories to her. She heard some picture books, nonfiction books, graphic novels and mysteries. What a day! 4th Graders in Ms. Leighton’s class talked about the importance of in-text citations and giving credit to the original author. We compared it to an instance when we came up with a really cool joke and someone else shared the joke and told others that it was their own creation.

Mrs. Dawson’s second graders helped to lead the morning announcements this week. They shared some funny jokes and encouraged us to leave kind notes to people in our class. Some fun facts they shared were about how horses live in herds, some robots have wheels and the U.S. Navy Seals train on land and water.

Follow the library on Facebook to see more of what we are doing!

Looking forward:

Next week is our final week before winter break! Classes will still be coming to the library for a final checkout. Students in grades 3-5 have been looking at our December Book-Tac-Toe board. Some new genres there are poetry and fairytale/ folktale. We are making our way around the library and trying out new genres of books. I have been letting the students know that they have until January 6 to turn their papers in to get the prizes for December.

When we return, second graders will be able to check out their Make & Take bags, so be on the lookout for those coming home.

Book Talks:

Everybody book: The Sour Grape by Jory John

Grades 4-6: The Incredibly Dead Pets of Rex Dexter by Aaron Reynolds

Nurse's Office Update

Head lice are a common and frustrating problem for the parents and kids in the school age population. Although the focus of parents and pediatricians is usually on treating head lice infestations, it is just as important to focus on ways to prevent infestations. Since head lice cannot jump from child to child or crawl into your home, prevention is not as difficult as many think.

1. Be Proactive. Do random checks at least once a week during the school year and anytime

your child has been in close contact with other children outside of school (play date, sleep

over, girl/boy scout, sports etc…). Keeping in mind that although lice can be found

anywhere on the head, they are often found at the base of the scalp, neck and behind the

ears. Check daily for the next 2-4 weeks if there has been an exposure.

2. Encourage children to avoid personal contact with others and sharing things that have been

on or near another child’s head, including hairbrushes, combs, hats, scarves, towels,

helmets, pillows, etc.

3. Regularly clean things that your child’s head has had direct contact with, such as car seats,

pillows, head phones, etc. , especially if these items are shared with other children or family


4. Become familiar. Look up some pictures of head lice and nits via web sites provided below.

Recognize the symptoms of head lice, such as an itchy scalp, small red bumps or sores on

the back of your child’s neck or scalp.

5. Many have found that applying hair spray or hair gel to your child’s hair can prevent the nits

from sticking to the hair shaft and thus the nits will wash away with the styling product.

6. There are now a variety of sprays and shampoos at your local stores that claim to repel lice. Checking with the pharmacist or pediatrician to see which products have proven successful

is suggested.

7. Be extra vigilant even after treating your child if they have had lice. Although the lice

shampoos should kill the nits, there is no one product that can give a 100% guarantee to

destroy all nits. BE SURE TO REMOVE ALL NITS! Leaving viable nits behind is the most

common cause for persistent and recurrent infestations. Check your child’s head daily for

several weeks after treating and removing all nits as found. Also be sure to check other

family members and treat them as necessary. - St. Louis Lice Busters—Information about lice, treatments, services, and

educational materials

Center for Disease Control and Prevention — Information about lice, treatments, and educational

materials — Non-profit National Pediculosis Association® - American Academy of Pediatric

Big picture

Trivia Night-January 20th

Trivia Night is only five weeks away and there are a limited number of tables available so hurry and grab yours today.

Doors open on January 20th, 2023 at 7:00pm (along with check in and bar) & game starts at 8:00pm!

Don’t forget to decorate your table and dress up in your best " Meet Me in St. Louis" theme- encouraged but not required.

There will be a communication emailed out to all registered tables in a few weeks.

Follow the link for more details and to register: Announcement: Long Elementary PTO Presents: Meet Me in St. Louis Trivia Night (

Volunteers are still collecting donations and sponsorships. If you would like to donate or be a sponsor, please let us know by January 6th, 2023. For more information on donations and sponsorships, click here: Announcement: Trivia Night Auction Donations and Sponsorships (

Big thank you to everyone that has registered so far. A BIG THANK YOU to the room parents helping to organize the Grade Level Baskets and the volunteers organizing the event!

St. Louis County Offers Free COVID-19, RSV, Flu Testing

Testing is one of our most important tools during the fall and winter months. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services offers free drive-through testing for COVID-19, RSV and the flu at South County Health Center on Thursdays from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.. This testing will continue through March 2023.

Patients of all ages are able to get tested, no appointment required. To receive a test, simply enter the drive-through line at the clinic. Patients can pre-register through the NextGen patient portal, and they will receive results by email. If a patient does not have an email account, NextGen staffers will register them at the site and call them with results. The Get Tested patient portal can be found at

COVID test kits continue to be available for pickup at South County Health Center Mondays and Fridays, from 8 a.m. until noon. For more information please visit the DPH Testing page.

Expect Traffic Delays on East Watson

Lindbergh families who use East Watson to travel to or from school may experience delays over the next several weeks, due to construction related to the MSD East Watson Sanitary Relief project. Work began this week and will continue through January 2023. Please allow extra time for pickup and drop-off during this time.

Lindbergh Schools and our partner First Student Transportation are in frequent communication with the contractors overseeing this project. In addition, we are communicating directly with families of students whose bus routes will be impacted.

For more information, please visit the MSD East Watson Sanitary Relief project website.

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