Middle School Matters!

Family Edition January 2, 2020

Welcome Back!

We are glad to have our students and staff back in the building! It was way too quiet the past two weeks!

We know that our students had varied experiences while being away from school and many miss and need the routine that the school day brings. As always, our students are welcome to enter our school at 7:00 am. Students may gather in supervised areas such as the Library, Gym, weight room, small gym, LGI, and cafeteria. Students may not be at their lockers or in the hallways. At 7:25 students transition to their lockers and PRIDE classes. PRIDE begins promptly at 7:30. If you are dropping your child off to school, please make sure they arrive before 7:25 so they will be on time for school. We want to instill Respectful and Responsible habits in our students by being on time for school.

Our Middle School Community is fortunate to have so many of our students doing an amazing job of demonstrating Newark PRIDE - Respectful, Responsible and Safe in our School Community! With clear expectations of what these values mean our students can and do demonstrate them easily and consistently.

Respectful: Use appropriate language and volume, Follow adult directions, Treat others & property appropriately, and Be considerate of others.

Responsible: Be ready to engage in learning, Be on time for class, Own your actions and learning, Be prepared for your day.

Safe: Be in control of your body and language, Keep your hands to yourself, Maintain personal space, Walk safely to destinations.

Community: Look for opportunities to include others, Be an active participant, Wait your turn, Celebrate everyone's success.

As we build our middle school community, we will continue to celebrate everyone's success - in the area of academics, behavior, attendance and we will continue to send positive post cards home sharing good news with families. We understand that building anything valuable in life takes time, patience and practice.

Thank you for all you do!

Mrs. Prinzi

Please Welcome...

Mrs. Robyn Ross - Assistant Principal. Mrs. Ross will be split between the Middle School and Kelley School.

Mr. Gary Mandell - will be teaching ELA Lab for our middle school students.

Deputy Vaughn - School Resource Officer from Wayne County Sheriff's Department will start with us on Monday, January 6th.

Coming Up...

January 6th- return to school

January 8th - 8th grade parent meeting - regarding High School course selection

January 20th - No School