By: Lindsay

Why volcanoes cause terrible disaters

Volcanoes can cause terrible disasters because since volcanoes erupt lava and rocks shootout, because lava is so hot it can burn things and rocks can break things and possibly burn. Once a volcano erupts the eruptions will get bigger and bigger. Volcanoes are known to knock down forests (according to Weather Wiz Kids). Scientists put volcanoes into three main categories such as active, dormant, and extinct. Gases, lava, and rocks shoot up from the volcano hole. Lava flows moves slowly and get thicker as it hardens. Volcanoes are very dangerous and can cause a lot damages.

Volcano poem

While the volcano erupted,

fresh lava fell to the ground,

It was red hot turning white as it flows,

the lava thickens as the lava moves,

gases and rocks shooting up from the whole.

The lava was slow as a city traffic,

the volcano erupted like if it were in anger,

eruptions occur when pressure builds up,

While the volcano keeps erupting the eruptions get

bigger and bigger

Big image
This is a volcano when its not erupted.