Freak the Mighty

By: Emma Martinez

Kenny Kane on the run!

I hope everyone in Sunny City had a good Christmas, while every child slept soundly on Christmas eve, while Kenny Kane ( a prisoner who just got out of prison) was on the run to find his son. Sadly Kenny found his son (Maxwell Kane) on December 24, Christmas eve. Reporters say that when Maxwell's grandparents came down to Maxwell's room on Christmas day there was snow prints on the floor and they knew it was Kenny who was coming to get his son. Kenny kept his son tied up in a old house, his father took him an old abandoned building so the cops couldn't find then. His father swore that he never murdered max's mother but Max never believed him. Reporters say that Kenny left Max in the building by himself for a couple of minutes, when Kenny came back he found a lady trying to get his son safe. Kenny tried to kill the woman by strangling her. What will happen to the innocent Max? Reporters say that that when Kevin (Freak) comes in a takes down Kenny with a water gun. Now Kenny is locked for a long time and no one has to worry about Kenny on the loose, I hope everyone in Sunny City has a good Christmas break.

What can a cripple kid do?

Reporters say that Max tried to help the lady but it was no use, then Max said that he yelled at his dad then his dad tried to hurt Max. Max yelled and screamed but it was no use, then Kevin (freak) comes into the the room and tries to stop Max's dad with squirt gun, it worked because Kevin had put vinegar, soap, Chile powder into the gun. the police got Kenny and now he is locked up for good.

The Crippled Kid

The famous Kevin Avery who saved Maxwell Kane from his murderous father is sadly no longer with us. Most of us know he had a birth defect, he was mostly at the hospital, but he had an impact on most of us. He loved slaying dragons and going on adventures. Reporters say that he was having fun with his friends and family at his birthday party then he suddenly having problems breathing, he was having a stroke. His mother called the doctors and the ambulance came right away. They tried their hardest to keep him alive but they couldn't because he had to many problems with him. He knew from the start that he want going to live a very long life but everyone wasn't ready to let him go. He may be gone but he will never be forgotten.

Fourth of July

I hope everyone in sunny city had a great four of July. Once again our town did a great job with the city fire works. I hope everyone stayed safe out on those roads because their was some kids making some trouble out on the streets on July 4. Reporters say that the children who where making trouble was a kid name Blade and his friends. They chased Maxwell Kane and Kevin Avery into the towns muddy pond, Max said that they where on their way home from the fire work show and then Blade and his friends chased then, Max said they ran away because they where scared that Blade was going to hurt them. Blade and his friends got into some trouble but who know what they will do next so stay safe on the roads.