Fire Making

How to create a fire on an island

What fire does for you:

  • Warmth in cold conditions
  • A means to purify water or sterilize tools
  • Heat to dry wet clothes
  • A cooking flame
  • A sense of security and comfort
  • Smoke for rescue signals
  • Heat to melt snow and ice for drinking water
  • A means to scare away dangerous animals
  • Light for your shelter or for torches
  • Smoke to help repel insects

How to make a fire without matches:

You will need:

  1. Steel Wool – The finer the better, and get the stuff without the soap.
  2. 9v Battery – A brand new battery is preferred
  3. Tinder – Dryer Lint makes for excellent tinder, and it’s another common households.

First, stretch the Steel Wool out.

Take the 9v Battery and scrape it across the Steel Wool, the conductor will carry the current through the Steel Wool and produce a spark.

This happens quickly so transfer this to your tinder pile as soon as you see the spark. finally, you need to gently blow on the Steel Wool to produce a flame.

Another way to make a fire without matches:

If you dont have those materials with you to create a fire, here is another way to make one:

Use a magnifying glass, eyeglasses or the lens out of a pair of binoculars to focus the sunlight to a pinpoint. Place a drop of water onto the lens to help focus the light. Aim the light at a pile of tinder, and blow on it once you see smoke.


If you dont make a fire to stay warm chances are that you will be cold, and may even freeze to death depending on what you are wearing and the tempeture. When flying you should always pack and be prepared for anything.