21 Day Organizing Challenge

Take Action. Get Organized!

Begins Friday, March 15, 2013! Register now!

Do you love your home?

Do you look forward to relaxing in it?

Do you know what you have and can you find it when you need it?


Do you dread trying to find something to wear in your dusty, stuffed closet?

Do you stress about finding an important piece of paper?

Do you procrastinate putting things away because you don't really have designated 'homes' for them?

Most people, when overwhelmed, don't know where to start. They have SO many projects that NEED to be done that it overwhelms them and they do not take ANY action.

For ONLY $37 this 21 Day Organizing Challenge will help you...

· Take specific action so that you are more organized

· Get small organizing projects DONE

· Acquire motivation to conquer bigger projects

· Build relationships with other like minded people in your same situation

· Encourage others and be encouraged by your "classmates"

· Become more confident as you move forward in your organizing journey, complete your tasks and enjoy your space

If you have ever wished your home was more organized, wished you knew where to start and dreamed of having a professional organizer by your side then sign up NOW!

Cost: $37.00 Learn more here.

Friday, March 15, 2013 to Friday, April 5, 2013

During the 21 day Organizing Challenge you will receive:

· 21 very specific organizing assignments

· Simple, specific instructions

· Product recommendations (some that you can find in your own home!) if needed

· Sweet motivation

· Hard-core encouragement

· A community - a private group ONLY open to the participants of this challenge where you can share your struggles, challenges, results, and non-judgmental encouragement to and from the other participants.

· The opportunity to post before and after pictures and ask questions.

· Your Q's ANSWERED.

· Deadlines - which support action and completion!

· More confidence.

· More organization!

Weekly assignments will come out on Friday so that you have the weekend to plan on your calendar when you will do each assignment. Maybe you want to do them all over the weekend? If not, write them each on a day in your calendar AND include a time when you will work on the assignment that day!

All this happens in your own home! Get assignments via email. Post pictures, join the community, ask questions. Be encouraged and be an encourager through your computer!


Who wants work with no fun? NOT me. If you are competitive you may want to compete for some FUN awards (most dedicated, most improved, most active, etc). These awards will be given out at the end of the challenge! Real awards (gift certificates, organizing products, etc) not just the coveted titles!


I truly want YOU to LOVE YOUR home! To enjoy a peaceful, organized home is more valuable than you may realize.

I want to help you get started...You need to start somewhere! Get these small projects under your belt and you will gain confidence and have motivation to keep going.


Anyone and everyone! Regardless of your location, time constraints, financial situation. Even if...

· You are a professional procrastinator

· You get easily distracted

· You are single, married, rent or own

· You have ADD, OCD or XYZ

· and regardless of the condition of your home!!!

Register NOW! Or, you might forget and miss this opportunity! Learn more.

Some inspiration!

Awards. Fun. Deadlines. Firm Encouragement!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I learn more?

A. Click here to learn more.

Q. How do I register?

A. Click here to register.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. It is ONLY $37.00!!!

Q. Do I have to be on Facebook?

A. Our community will be a closed, private group on Facebook. You will enjoy the interaction between other members but if you are not on Facebook you may email your questions and photos to me!