Let's Get K Ready!

Tips for Parents of Upcoming Kindergartners

Vol.1, No.11

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This issue highlights shape identification. There are so many ways to build learning into your day and be ready for K!

Shape Up for Kindergarten

Octagonal stop signs, rectangular windows, triangular pizza slices and circular wheels! We can find shapes everywhere in our environment. Learning shapes will help preschool children identify and organize visual information. Knowing shapes will also come in handy when learning problem solving skills, math skills, and reading comprehension skills. In addition, shape identification can help children understand other signs and symbols.

Some shapes that your child will benefit from knowing in kindergarten are the following:

  • Circle

  • Oval

  • Square

  • Rectangle

  • Heart

  • Triangle

  • Star

  • Crescent

  • Rhombus (or diamond)

How can you help your child learn shapes?

  • Go on a shape hunt. Walk around the house and take pictures of shapes using your phone and then make a shape movie out of the pictures.
  • Cut shapes out of paper and have your child look around your house or neighborhood for objects that match that shape.
  • Gather a bunch of different objects or toys, and help your toddler sort them into piles according to shape.
  • Cut shapes out of construction paper, glue them down randomly on another piece of paper, and create a shape collage. (see the image above)
  • Play this online game to learn about shapes together!

If you want to go in even deeper, here are some cute shape poems to teach your little one. Any or all of these activities will help your future kindergartner to be in tip top shape for K! #CCPSKREADY

Learn Shapes! Fun Music Video for You and Your Child

Name the Shape Game | Shape Review Game | Jack Hartmann
Here is a read aloud for you and your child to enjoy! Chesterfield County Public School's Elementary Social Studies Specialist, Laurie Surles welcomes you to kindergarten through this story by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufmann. Welcoming, honoring and connecting with all our families is a goal.
All Are Welcome

Let Your Child Play!

Our kids spend way to much time in front of screens and technology. Children need more UNSTRUCTURED time to play and learn on their own. Now that the weather is getting warmer, open the door and let them out play, experiment, and discover on their own. What can the body do? What can little minds pretend? What can little hands create? Give them the freedom to figure it out. That is a super easy way to help prepare your littles for kindergarten. See the article below to learn more.

CCPS Summer Readiness Programs for Upcoming K Students

Are you interested in sending your uprising kindergartner to a summer learning program? If your answer is yes, Chesterfield County Public Schools is holding Summer Readiness Programs Monday through Thursday, June 28 - July 22. Please see this link for more information about all the CCPS summer programs.

School Readiness Registration Form