Mrs. Gantt's Class

Week of September 15, 2014

What's Been Happening in our class

Last week was another very busy week. We have worked on the letter A and made apples and alligators and lots of craft projects as we learned about letter A. We have tasted different types of apples and made apple prints, and read lots of books about the letter A. We talked about our body parts, eyes, ears, nose mouth, head and sang lots of songs helping us remember. We have reviewed our numbers and colors and counting. We read books about 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and swinging in a tree as we worked on subtracting. We did lots of singing and gross motor skills as we sang. We also read about Curious George going to school and created monkey masks. We rounded out the week with our Itsy Bitsy Spider activities and cooking. We created spider webs with our string cheese and made spiders using red grapes and pretzels.

Everyone is doing a great job learning the schedule and the classroom rules! I think we are on a role!

Social Skills: We have working very hard to be kind to our friends and use kind words.

New in our classroom

We will be cooking every Friday!!

These are simple recipes, usually with only a few ingredients. I will be asking for help in providing the items for our cooking day (I do not have a budget for cooking, but the kids enjoy it and it gives us a different snack on our last day of school for the week as well as works on math, science, reading, social skills and many other areas). I will send home the note on Monday and will only ask for 1 item, please send the item or contact me by Wednesday of that week. I will rotate through the class so hopefully you are only sending in items twice a month. If there is a time that you are unable to send the item, please just let me know with a note, a text or an email and I will be sure we have the item. I always plan for 10 to make sure we have enough. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Letter of the Week

This week our letter of the week is B.

We will spend the week creating lots of things that begin with the letter B. I will send home a letter B bag, please find 3 items around your house, or snap a quick photo, of something that begins with the letter B and put it in your bag. Your child will have the opportunity to show what she/he brings in his/her bag during circle time on Friday.

Coming Soon....

September 15th is International Dot Day

Dot day is a day that we make our mark on the world. We will each create our own dot that is uniquely ours.

This is a day created for children to make their own mark on the world, all around the world. We will read the book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds.

For more information and to see the wonderful things children will be doing you can go to:

Here is the link to the video reading of the book we will be watching in class:


September 17th is Constitution Day

Please have your student wear red, white and blue on Wednesday.

We will be reading and learning about our Constitution. We will create a special hat to wear on Constitution day and create our individual flags. We will combine our individual flags to create a classroom flag. We will talk about what it means to be united as Americans and how we all stand together, in our classroom, in our school, in our community and in our nation.

We will also be talking about our 5 Senses for the next 5 weeks. This week we are focusing on the sense of touch. We will be talking about smooth and rough, soft and hard etc. We will touch lots of textures and talk about how they feel. If you have anything with an interesting texture please send it in we would love to touch it and talk about its texture.

Happenings from Homestead to Hebron

September 15: International Dot Day

September 17: Constitution Day, wear red, white and blue

September 17: Hebron High School Homecoming Parade 6:30 at the high school

September 18: All Pro Dad's Event, Homestead Library 7:40 AM

September 19: Hebron High School Homecoming Game 7:30 Hebron Hawks Stadium

September 23: First Day of Fall

September 27: Medication Disposal day (safely dispose of old medications)

October 6: LISD Board Meeting, 7 PM

October 10: Student Holiday / Staff Development

October 13: School Holiday

October 24: Student Early Release 12:30 elementary schools

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