Northwest ISD Guideline Changes

Adeline B., Pamela J., Brenna C., Trevor R. and Mikaela G.

Tardy Policy Improvement

Present Policy

The policy for tardies for this year is limited for only 3 tardies per six weeks. The first three tardies serve as a warning. The forth and fifth are a lunch detention and sixth and seventh is ECO, eight and ninth are Saturday school and ten and up is referral. Tardies can be given to student, late to class or not wearing their ID.

Fair Policy

The new policy should be to where students have a chance to put on their ID. If the advisors ask for their ID they should give them the chance to pull it out, show it to them then put it on. If the students do not have the ID on them they will be sent to get a new one and receive a tardy. The new policy should be 5 tardies instead of 3, 8 to 9 will be a lunch detention, 11 or 12 eco, 13 to 14 Saturday school and 15+ a referral.

Why it should be changed

It should be changed to this so we don't get stressed out about tardies and having to worry about lunch detention when were on the fifty strike. With only three tardies I don't believe its necessary to have it at such a short limit, I believe five is much more fair than three. Teachers should also give students the chance to show their ID not automatically assign a tardy. Its unnecessary.

School Hours

School Hours Now


What it should be


Why it should be changed

Because teens need at least 9 ¼ hours of sleep to be able to be fully awake, alert and ready for school each day. On average most high school student s are lucky if they get 7 hours of sleep. After school activities and homework take up most, if not all of the night to complete, this is why on average a high school student goes to sleep in the hour of 11pm, or later. But, by being able to get this 9 hours of sleep, and complete homework, it would be more beneficial for the students if school started at 9:15 or later.

Block v Traditional Sceduele

What Both Are

Traditional Is where student have 8 classes a day that are 45 minutes long. every day they have the same schedule.

Block is where they have 8 different classes between two days. so 4 classes each day. these class last 1 hour and 30 minutes.

What we have

we have the traditional schedule

Why It Should Change

The schedules should change to a block one because the schedule we are on currently the student are cramming so much information into one day. day after day in a small amount of time. The Block schedule allows the student to take an extra 45 minutes in each class to take that much more time to learn. The way that the block makes it where you take 8 classes over a course of 2 days helps lower the stress of the students because they are taking in a smaller amount of information a day.

Dress Code

In the constitution it says that we have the right to freedom of expression. We have that to some extent. Every school needs a dress code but we should have that right to express ourselves. Girls can’t wear leggings or tempos because they are distracting, girls wear those clothes in front of guys all the time when not at school. Guys can wear chubbies but those are shorter than some girls shorts, other than that guys don't really have a problem with dress code. We also don’t have to wear uniforms to school so that is a good thing about our dress code. I think if there was a little more leniency with the dress code then we would attract more students to our school, they would want to go to Byron Nelson. There should be a dress code, but to an extent

Grading Policy

Coming from HEB district I’ve seen a difference in the amount of effort students put in this district to turn assignments in on time. On the other hand Rick Wormeli has a different opinion …

- (shows video up to 56 seconds)

- Attend tutorial sessions

- Ask questions

- Do whatever it takes

- Be tenacious

After all that it is lack of responsibility