February Newsletter 2023

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As we roll into February, we know that the stretch from MLK, Jr. Day to Spring Break is a crucial stretch of instructional days for our students. Students who stay on top of their assignments, attend school every day, and follow our rules and procedures can take advantage of these critical learning days.

Our teachers are working hard to create a "provide a positive, safe learning community, equipping and empowering students with skills necessary for graduation and post-secondary pursuits," as stated in our vision statement.

We want to provide a learning environment and school culture where students and parents are beating the doors down to get into the school. We believe that when a school is a fun, safe place to be, students will want to come everyday and be active participants in their education.

Studies show that a student's 9th-grade year is the best indicator of their graduation from high school. We know that "students who complete their freshmen year on track to graduate (no out of school suspensions and passing ELA & Math) are four times more likely to graduate than their off-track peers" (Johns Hopkins School of Education). We provide numerous interventions, activities, and supports with this in mind.

We hope that your student's freshman year is their best year of school ever! If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us. We truly do value your feedback.


David Leenman


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HCHS Parent Night

Habersham Central will be hosting a Parent Night for rising 10th graders on Feb. 2 at 6:00 PM in the Performing Arts Center at HCHS.

For more information or questions, please contact HCHS's 10th grade counselor, Dan Keef at DKeef@habershamschools.com.

Habersham County Schools will be closed on Monday, February 20, 2023 (Presidents' Day)

Credits & Graduation

Everything we do here at HNGA is done with our eyes on the ultimate goal, graduation from Habersham Central. After the first semester, most students are well on their way to earning the required 5 credits to go to Habersham Central as a sophomore in the fall. (Refer to HNGA Handbook pg. 33 - 34 for more details).

One of the best ways to ensure our freshmen graduate on time is to pass all their classes. Research shows that 85% of students with 0 semester failures will graduate on time. It is vital that our students end the year without any course failures.

We will continue to motivate our students, and the first step towards graduation is to earn all 8 credits as a 9th grader, including core content credits in science, history, math, and English.

Progress Reports will be sent home on February 7th. If you need Powerschool access to see your student's grades and attendance, please email Penny Rineheart @
prineheart@habershamschools.com. Your student also has access to Powerschool and can access it at home.

Mark Your Calendar

Please mark your calendar for these important, upcoming events:

Progress Reports go home - Feb 7

HCHS Parent Night for Rising 10th Graders - (Feb 2 - 6:00 PM HCHS)

Registration for 10th Grade Courses (during school hours) - Feb 7

Presidents Day (No School) - Feb 20

ABC Incentive Event Criteria Begins - Feb 27

Teacher Work Day (No School) - Mar 13

Math Pi Week - Mar 14 - 17 (Themes for each day TBA)

Battle of the Houses - Mar 17

College and Career Day - Mar 22

Spring Break (No School) - April 3-7

AP Human Geography exam- May 4

Algebra 1 Georgia Milestones EOC - May 11

Battle of the Houses - May 12

Last day of school - May 26

ATTENDANCE MATTERS... New Attendance Incentives

Congratulations to students in for Mrs. Carver's homeroom for winning January's Attendance Challenge! This is their second win in a row! Each month, homerooms compete against each other to see which homeroom has the highest attendance. The winning homeroom earns major House points and is treated to a sweet treat!


In an effort to improve attendance, course performance and the likelihood of students graduating on time, we are offering an incentive for students with exemplary attendance. Students with exemplary attendance will be entered into weekly, monthly and quarterly drawings for prizes ranging from concession cart bucks, free lunch and larger prizes.

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HNGA January Raider Pride Awards

HNGA would like to recognize students and faculty members with outstanding character traits for the month of December. Students and faculty are nominated based on the following criteria: helping others, school pride, hard work in the classroom, determination, showing respect, working hard on after-school programs and projects, and positive attitude toward others. Receiving the Raider Pride Awards were: Rainlan Hobson, Ben Blackwell, Brisa Browner, Melissa Juan Jeronimo, Matthew Holden, and Ms. Karly Thompason.

The HNGA faculty and staff extend congratulations to all these fine recipients of the Raider Pride award for January 2023.

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Congratulations to Mrs. Stephanie Shubert and Mrs. Loyce Smith for being the most recent recipients of the Academy Award of Awesomeness. Each week, the recipient of this prestigious award passes it to a faculty or staff member who has gone above and beyond FOR Students.
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HNGA FFA Livestock Show Success!


"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." -- Colin Powell

Georgia Parent Survey 2022-2023

We are always looking for ways to improve our school and we value your feedback. In an effort to help us improve, please click on the following link and complete this short School Climate Survey: Click on the button below

Georgia Student Health Survey 2023

Our school will be participating in the Georgia Student Wellness Survey over the month of February. The Student Wellness Survey is an anonymous, statewide survey instrument that was designed to collect data on student wellness during the current school year.

The Student Wellness Survey contains 40 questions and covers various topics such as school climate and safety, bullying, alcohol and drug use and mental health. All student survey data is anonymous and self-reported.

If you do not wish for your student to participate in the anonymous on-line Georgia Student Wellness Survey, please sign the bottom of the attached letter (click on button below) and have your child return the letter to the HNGA front office by February 10, 2023.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 706-778-0830.

After School Math Tutoring

Students who are enrolled in Foundations of Algebra, Algebra 1, or Geometry have the opportunity to attend after-school math tutoring. Tutoring will be available every Monday and Thursday, 3:15-4:30 PM.

There is free transportation for all students. Please reach out to your student's math teacher with any questions.

Dress Code Reminders

Students are expected to continue to follow the HNGA dress code found in the student handbook - Pages 13-14.

Please review this particular section which is a problem area for a number of students:

  • Leggings, "jeggings", tights or yoga pants are permitted ONLY if the outer garment (shirt, skirt, dress, etc.) appropriately covers the student’s front and back.
  • Shirts must be long enough to extend beyond the top of the pants, shorts, leggings/joggers, or skirt. No midriff exposed.
  • No cleavage should be exposed. Sleeveless shirts/dresses are permitted providing the clothing meets the end of the shoulder and does not expose undergarments or have arm openings large enough to expose the sides, back or chest of the student. Shirts with cutoff sleeves are not permitted.
  • Exposing undergarments is prohibited.
  • Halter tops, strapless tops, midriff tops, tank tops, and spaghetti straps are not permitted.
  • Pajamas or other bedroom apparel are not permitted.This includes pajama pants and bedroom attire.
  • Dresses, holes in jeans, or shorts (for all students) must be no higher than 3" above of the knee.
  • Sweatshirt hoods are not allowed to be worn in the building as this is a safety issue. Hats are only allowed on designated hat days.

For more information, please reference page 13-14 of your student's handbook. Thank you for your support!

Cell Phone Policy

Students are permitted to use cell phones at HNGA for classroom instructional purposes only and only with the teacher's permission.

Parents who need to communicate with their student throughout the day are encouraged to call the front office, where there is also a phone for students to use as needed.

HNGA Handbook Policy: Students may use headphones/earbuds for instructional purposes only, and should not be worn when not being used with the teacher's permission.

Students are to have their electronic communication devices and other electronic media turned off and put away upon entering the school, throughout the school day, and until they leave the school each day. A student using a cell phone outside of instructional purposes (including, but not limited to use in common areas, cafeteria, restrooms, locker rooms, and hallways) will result in the following consequences:

  • First Offense: Cell phone will be confiscated and returned to the student at the end of the school day.
  • Second Offense: Cell phone will be confiscated and returned to a parent at the end of the school day.
  • Third or additional Offenses: Cell phone will be confiscated and returned to a parent at the end of the school day. The student will also serve one day in In School Suspension (ISS).

Students who repeatedly violate the cell phone policy may be required to leave their cell phone in the office at the beginning of each school day.

Students are not permitted to video, take pictures of, or audio record other students violating any section of the Code of Conduct.

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About Us

Habersham Ninth Grade Academy will provide a positive, safe learning community, equipping and empowering students with skills necessary for graduation and post-secondary pursuits.