Marley and Me

The true story between the "Worlds Worst Dog" By

Some different events between the movie and the book:

In the Movie:

- Neither parent in the movie had any experience with ever having a dog

- When they went to go buy the puppies, they did not do the shake test

- They did not practice saying "Marley! Come here!" to see if that name would suit the family.

- They used three dogs: Marley's brother was the puppy, Marley was the middle aged dog, and the father was the dog in the end about to be put down

In the Book:

- Each parent had experience with a dog in their childhood

- when they went to go buy the puppies, they did the shake test with the cage

- They practiced calling "Marley! Come here boy!" around the house to see if it would suit the dog and family

- They had one dog

The same between the movie and book:

- The kids in the true story were used in the movie

- Marley was also used in the movie

- Both family's went to Ireland to film and for the true story, to write about

- Both family's were big journalists

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Marley's "Good Times"

"In 2001, when Marley was born, Marley was definitely the smartest of the pups. He wasn't scared of anything. When we did the shake test, Marley was the only puppy that didn't budge. He stood there with his tail wagging, and jumped all of Jenny and giving her kisses."

Say's Mr. Grogan. He knew from that moment on, that Marley was going to be the puppy Jenny wanted."In 2009 when Patrick was born, Jenny was about to get rid of Marley. I tried to tell her that it was just a crisis, that it would be over once the kids get older, but she didn't listen. So I sent Marley to Sebastian's for two days." Once that cleared up, they regretted sending Marley away.

Marley's Last Remark

After the Grogans made their last move to Pennsylvania, Marley was starting to slow down. "He couldn't run as fast, he didn't bark as much, he didn't take anybody else's things like he usually does, he wouldn't go outside and play with the kids as much, he couldn't eat anymore and he slept most of the time. That's when we knew that we would be going through some tough times these next two weeks. But we knew that we would give him as much love as possible, and be gentle with him during his last period of life."
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