Chancellor News and Notes

December 14, 2015

Happy Monday!

Hope you are having a fabulous beginning of the week! After the Chancellor Flood of 2015 last Thursday, things have been thrown off schedule and out of whack, so thank you for your flexibility in getting things done around the craziness! And a huge shout-out to our ILT, paraprofessional staff, custodians, and other teachers and staff that helped out last Thursday in getting everything moved out of all of the affected rooms and spaces. We had a huge turnout from the ad building as well that came over to help, and that was greatly appreciated too. It will be some time before the building is back to normal, but hopefully sooner than later! Thank you to the block team for being flexible and finding new spaces to camp out until your rooms are usable again!

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Reminders for this week:

  • Tomorrow wear your "winter wonderland" wear (snowflakes, snowman, and other winter-themed apparel). It's all Coffee Bar Day! Don't forget your ticket- you have to turn it in to get your coffee!
  • Wednesday is Ugly Sweater Day 2!
  • Thursday is Pajama Day!!!!
  • Friday is "all of the Holiday/Winter clothing" day- Sing-a-long and winter parties are the theme of the day, lol. Wear those jingle bells and play some holiday music!
  • Grades are due this Friday! If you choose to try and work on over the break- we will be printing when we come back! No later than Monday at 8:00 please! :)
  • Remind students early pick-up on Friday at 2:00!
  • Then two weeks of relaxation and family time. Enjoy!
  • Monday, January 4- we will meet in the cafeteria/gym area at 8:00 am.

Where's YOUR holiday spirit? :)

Regardless of what religion you are, what holidays you celebrate- keep the spirit of your celebrations based on what matters. The size or expense of the presents, or the quantity of food on the table, is not what this season is about. Being with family and friends, showing love and kindness to others, and being generous with our love and goodwill- is what we should be doing not only during this celebratory season, but throughout the year. Have a fantastic winter break, and Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Eid, Happy New Year, and all the other holidays that I may have left out- Happy for those too! The point is, I wish you happiness, good fortune, and much love, now and for the year to come.
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