Three reasons why you should read Nanberry

Splash! Splosh! Nanberry could hear the Tall Ships sail into Sydney Harbour. This book is soooo interesting , i think you should read it . I would read it again if I I had time. This book is between 1788-1823.
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This novel is really emotional . Like when Nanberry tried to make friends with Ballonderry but Ballonderry refused.
Jackie French explains the book really well. She did alot of research and shows good details. She knows that Nanberry became a Cadigal warrior
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The characters are really well written, and so emotional. Nanberry watched his family die of the small pox , it was tragic. Some of the characters are Surgeon White, Nanberry's adopted father, Rachel, Nanberry's adopted mum and Andrew, Nanberry's foster brother
In conclusion I think the novel Nanberry is great because it explains a young boy who became a Cadigal warrior. That's why you should read the novel Nanberry.