World History 2nd

What was the change???

Many church leaders lived more like kings, than priests, and became increasingly involved in political matters. Priests broke vows by marrying, drinking,gambing, and giving indulgences.that means that priest were giving pardons for sins.It lead to the founding of christian churchs that reject the popes authority.To raise money for these activities, the church raised fees for services, but the reformation weakened the church instead of helping it.

How did the change impact society at the time???

Caused the division between the Roman Catholic Church and encouraged others with separate beliefs to branch off. Only faith and good work are needed for salvation. Church teaching only based on words of the bible. All people of faith are equal as these formed statements.

Seen today in our society

It helped form schools, stopped the spread of protectanism, indugences were allowed, convert non-christians to catholicism. bible and churches were equally powerful.