Grolier Online


Doing Research?

Scott Johnson has a subscription to the Grolier Online Encyclopedia. There are many neat features to it. There is a quick search feature, a New Book of Knowledge, Amazing Animals of the World, America the Beautiful and a Spanish section. In these tabs you can find videos, articles, magazine links, websites, media and Spanish resources. Take a few minutes and check it out.

Classroom Learning

If you are doing a project or learning about something in class, think about looking up information with your class in the Grolier Online resource. Bookmark it on your computer for easy access. Click on the blue world picture below to watch a video about all Grolier has to offer you.

Username: scottjohnson

Password: grolier

Great resource for research. K-2 might need a little more guidance but it is a great tool for classroom use. Check it out! I hope it is helpful for your class.