T.B.F. Island

An Island Country founded by :Tristan B. Fiola


T.B.F. Island. This island has a surrounding of trees around the island. There is a national forest in the northwest corner of the island. We named it fruit givers forest, because it gives us all kinds of fruit. We love animals and have all kinds of wild harmless animals you might see. We have great fishing lakes where you can have a free bout ride and hope to catch some fish. Enjoy.


My government is a democracy ( Government in which citizens make decisions either directly or indirectly.) My island has a limited government that is respectful to the island. We try to have the nicest and most trust worthy people to join the government that won't break the laws themselves.


We export fish, fruit, and veggies. We import seeds to grow more trees with fruit and grow more veggies. We have a Free Enterprise ( capitalization ) economy where the people own the buisnesses and make the economic decisions.