No Child/Teacher Left Behind

Week Four Discussion

We, as a nation, provide consistent learning opportunities for teachers and ensure that they are not left behind in learning about new techniques and strategies.

There are several was that we as a nation can provide opportunities for teachers that will ensure they learn about new techniques and strategies. First, we can require teachers to receive additional education. This can be through course work at their local college or through workshops and trainings that the school, district, state, or nation provides to teachers of all ages and all subjects. Teachers should be required to take courses on technology and the twenty-first century skills every so often so that they can keep up to date on these new materials. This should be a requirement for all teachers throughout our nation, not different from state to state. If we let each state, district, or school what requirements teachers have to fulfill for learning new techniques and strategies then some teachers will be left behind, while others succeed. We as a nation need to advocate for our teachers as a way to advocate for the effective education of our children, our students.

All teachers across the country should use certain practices. Yes or No?

I think that teachers should have certain guidelines that they have to follow, but the way they present the content should be up to the teacher. Every teacher has their own philosophy of education, so why constrict that philosophy. Why not let that philosophy develop and blossom? It is important that teachers educate children with the objectives that they should learn, but the way they learn these objectives should be up to the teacher and not the country.

Teachers have a constant standard just as students must pass high stake tests.

Teachers across the country should have a constant stand, just like students who have to pass high-stakes tests. I believe that every teacher should have to take a high stake test on the objectives for the grade or subject that they teach. This should be every time the objectives change or after so many years, just to make sure that they know and understand them. I also think that every teacher in every state should have the same objectives, same amount of credits for students to graduate high school, and the same learning standards. I think this because if we do not than a student who has to move from one state to another, probably due to military reasons, will be able to pick right up where they left off. This way students, parents, and teachers will know that the child is not behind or ahead of the other children in their classes.

Teachers are being prepared to master the ISTE Standards for Teachers standard in the classroom.

Some teachers are being prepared to master the ISTE Standards for Teachers while others are not. The teachers that are being prepared are either getting this through schooling or in class experience. All teachers should be being prepared to master these standards because these standards will ensure that all our students will know the twenty-first century skills and that every teacher will be an effective one.

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