Make videos interactive!


Find existing videos (or upload your own) and add audio notes, multiple-choice questions, and open-ended questions

Create classes, if you wish, and deliver the video to students via the EDPuzzle app

More info via Julie Stegman, DCHS: Add questions directly to videos for quizzes or discussion. (it will even grade if you want) I dug a little deeper and found that I can insert other stuff into the middle of the video. A picture, definition, clarifying language, a math problem, a clip from another video, maybe instructions to pair share. It can be used on a video you find or your own lecture video. Awesome app that I'm already setting up. (must be easy if I can do it)

Sample Video

Click on the link to the right below to see an example of an EDPuzzle video. This teacher has added an audio note (a rather lengthy one!) to the beginning of the video explaining what she expects her students to learn. Then she has embedded many questions into the video to give her students a chance to demonstrate their understanding.

I've allowed for you to skip to questions in this video (you can't ever skip the audio note), but as a teacher, you can prevent skipping.