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December 11, 2015

Info for you...


Next week progress reports are required for students who are struggling. I chose to complete progress reports for all students so you can know how your child is doing. If you have any questions, please let me know.

We continue to need class snacks. Most children rely on the snack provided by the class and they go fast. Thanks to those who have donated peanut free snacks.


Students need to turn in blue folders daily. Because it is becoming a problem I am having students move his/her name to yellow if the folder is missing. Hopefully this will cut down on forgetting it. Please check your child's homework nightly and initial homework sheet. This may sound silly to some but many folders go unsigned each week and I am not sure if you are getting my notes. Some students are signing parent initials or it's left blank. Thank you for your support with homework and folders/communication.

We are getting into our routine with word study. I have three word study groups. Students should sort and practice words at home to prepare for the Friday quiz. Students should know how to sort by the common feature. I model this to each group on Monday so they know how to do this independently. If you have concerns or questions about word study please let me know.

It is very rewarding to see how far students have come academically since the beginning of the school year! They have developed many friendships as well.

Earlier this month I bought a raffle ticket for each of my students. Money for the raffle went to support our school and students were so excited to have many teacher/staff raffles to chose from! So far three of our classmates have won a raffle! ( For example, crafts and snack with a 3rd grade teacher, pizza lunch with the principal, pancake breakfast with the 1st grade teachers...) Each day on ANN, our Alanton News Network, more names are drawn! We could end up with some more winners!

Thanks to those who expressed sweet thoughts and concerns on the sudden death of my father in law over the Thanksgiving holiday.


Mrs.. Lisa Miller

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