Battery Collection

Help collect batteries so ground water doesn't get polluted

What we do with the batteries and why we need you.

We asked you to help us collect batteries because we don't want people throwing the batteries away and then the batteries go to the landfills and don't decompose and the acid from the batteries goes into the ground water and back to the main water and it pollutes the water. So that's why we want you to help us collect batteries. After you collect the batteries and we collect them from you we will take them to batteries plus.

We need you to recycle batteries!

We take you batteries and you save ground water. Again we all gather batteries we collect them and then we will take them to Batteries Plus and save the ground water.
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When we will come and pick up your batteries. And don't forget to change out your batteries in your clocks and devices on daylight savings.

We will come and pick up your batteries on Tuesday May, 12 2015.

Save Ground Water.