Gilded Age Politics

Dalila Johnson

What Gilded Politics Were?

Gilded Age Politics were dominated by corruption, as politicians took brides & rewarded their supporters with posh government jobs

How Were The Gilded Elections & When Did Farmers Organize Their Own Farm?

Elections had high turnouts & extraordinarily close results, but neither major party pursed ambitious politics. In the 1890's, frustrated farmers organized their own party, the Populists.

What Happen In 1869 With The Democrats?

In 1869, the democrats co-opted much of the populist agenda and the populist supported democrats William Jennings Bryan for the presidency; Bryan lost & the Populists faded away.

More Information...

  • The major parties the Gilded Age were the Republicans and Democrats.
  • The Democrats had a base along Catholics, poorer farmers, and people who favored hard-money, free trade, and other free market policies.
  • A "spoil system" is a practice where a political party, after winning an election, give government its voters as a reward.
  • A "political system" controlled a city's politics and sometimes was accused of engaging in corrupt practices.