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Mahalekshmi C. Kasiviswanathan

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Who am I?

Hi, I am Mahalekshmi. My name means “The Money Goddess” in Hindu religion. I was born in India on September 28, 2000, and lived there for thirteen years. I am currently fifteen years old. I came to Canada on September 10, 2013. My family consists of three members which include me, my mom and my dad. Since I have no siblings, it sometimes makes me feel sad when I see my friends playing with their siblings. I personally think it is good to have siblings because you will have someone to share all your personal feelings without being scared of their judgment, a playmate growing up, someone to share house responsibilities with and they will be like an ally whether you are commiserating about your parents or in an argument with a family member. The time I really wished I had a sibling was when I first came to Canada. I was a very shy and unsocial person because I couldn’t talk in English properly with my friends or teachers and a lot of people teased my Indian Accent. The place I miss the most right now is India because I have stayed away from my homeland for almost three years now, though it might not sound like a long time. The feeling you get when you live in India is absolutely magnificent. No matter where you go, the atmosphere is always filled with the fragrance of incense sticks used in temples which not only makes people feel refreshed but also makes you want to be religious. The people who I miss the most are my grandparents who live in India too and mean a lot to me.

Moving forward, most of my friends would describe me as weirdly normal because I don’t carry out things the same way most people would do. I am also a bookworm as I don’t go anywhere without carrying a book in my bag. The reason I love reading so much is because I start imagining myself as the protagonist and experience places without even traveling. Reading books also develop my imagination and relives my stress as it doesn’t really require a lot of brain power. Furthermore, I am really passionate about the stem cell research project because it has a leading potential in curing terrible diseases, including cancer. I want to learn more about it by either visiting a laboratory who do stem cell research or getting in touch with universities who have a stem cell research program as one for the courses.

My favorite clothings to wear to school is sweaters and leggings because my body feels comfortable in them. On the other hand, I like wearing skirts and cardigans at home because I can move around freely with them. I dislike wearing make-up to school or any other place for that matter unless I have a function to attend. This is because I feel like it is not my true self and that I am hiding who I truly represent with my make-up. However, I am completely fine with other people wearing it as it is their own way of representing themselves to the world.

My favorite subjects in school are Mathematics and science because I love problem-solving and doing experiments as I get to test things out myself. Accordingly, I want to either become a chartered accountant or a doctor because I think you need to stick with your strengths in order to be successful in life. I am not really a sporty person but I love playing badminton because you can hit the racket as fast as you want and it is fun to not let the other person hit it back. Additionally, I like to swim as I love playing in the water and when I am swimming I get to stay inside water for a long time. Swimming helps develop good breathing exercises which help my asthma get better. Moreover, I am more of an outdoors person because I love to experience the beautiful nature outside and be active. Finally, I sleep at 11 during school days (which is quite early sleeping schedule compared to my friends) because I get very cranky and inactive otherwise.

My biggest dream is to travel around the world because it will make me a well-rounded human being, allow me to tell cool stories to my friends, learn new languages and get the real source of education that schools are unable to provide. Overall, I have millions of ambitions that I want to finish during my life and I’ll make time to achieve each of them.

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My timeline

My favorite things

Tv show - Arrow

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is catch up on my T.V shows such as PLL, Teen Wolf, Quantico, Degrassi, and Arrow. Out of these, the T.V show I love the most is Arrow and I usually watch when I am eating my lunch at home. This is a story about a presumed-dead billionaire named Oliver Queen who returns to Starling city after spending five years on a stranded island. He names himself the arrow when he and his devoted friends right wrongs and transforms the city to its formal glory.

To start off, this show means a lot to me because even in the real world there are so many terrible things happening and innocent lives are lost due to that. For instance, the ISIS attack on Paris took out lives of almost 300 innocent people. In my opinion, the world would be a much better place if there were people like the arrow who actually protect the world by traveling to places where attacks are happening and punishing them. Furthermore, I really like a part in this T.V show when they talk about survival. People usually say that they would die for their loved ones. However, when it comes to reality they start being selfish and try to same themselves first. This is explained in the show when arrow states that it is human nature and fear is what conquers them to be selfish. Moreover, the show shows the importance learning life hacks. When the arrow used to be eight years old or so, his mother put him in swimming classes and he joined it unwillingly. However, when the ship he was going on a trip in sank, he swam to the nearest island. If he hasn't known how to swim, he would die with rest of the crew members. Finally, I like arrow's thinking and logical skills. This is because he smartly chooses the members he wants in his team which includes an extremely intelligent IT programmer who locates the location of the criminals, a skilled army friend, a lawyer and a police who helps him find information about the criminals and puts them in prison. Moreover, I like how puts the law into play. This is because he usually uses arrows to injure the criminals and always hands them over to the police friend so that he doesn't guilty of killing someone.

Trailer of Arrow

CW - Arrow - Trailer

Veggie delite Subway

I love food because the relationship between me and my food are everlasting. However, since I am a vegetarian, I am limited to my food options when I travel to places. Sometimes, even those options are not available. One option that I always have no matter where I travel to is Subway. Their wrap is not only healthy and cheap but their taste is absolutely delicious. Firstly, there are a variety of options when it comes to the subway wrap. You can choose the bread type, cheese, vegetables you want in the bread, sauces and finally if you want the bread baked or not. They also have the option for the sizes of the bread. The reason why I like when I get to choose toppings because I can avoid vegetables that I dislike. Also, because other restaurants like McDonald, they only have two fixed vegetarian options and the ingredients have a lot more cholesterol in them when compared to Subway. Furthermore, wraps, in general, are easy to make. If you have all the ingredients ready then it only takes a maximum time of ten minutes where stuffing the ingredients take most of the time.

The selection series

This is a five novel series of a dystopian and romance novel by Kiera Cass. It follows the journey a girl named America Singer who gets selected in a competition called The Selection where the prince has to choose a girl from the 100 women selected by his father. Afterward, it follows the journey of America and the prince’s daughter who also has to find a prince through The Selection. This is the first romance series I have ever read and I instantly fell in love with it.

The reason why I admire this book so much is because I have always wanted a lot of choices in everything from childhood, so that I can pick the best from it. That would also apply when I am choosing my husband in my future. In my opinion, this book exactly explains how I want to choose a guy in real life and what requirements he should acquire. If I got to choose my husband through selection just like how prince’s daughter got to, then I’ll get take the opportunity of talking to all my suitors, getting to know their personality and select the one that matches the best with my wants.

I also like the way the book is written. There are a lot of imageries in this books so it is really easy for me to imagine the situation and experience the story. Moreover, I also like how it talks about love life. The author demonstrates how love doesn’t always happen as people expect it to and you don’t always get to marry your first love. In the book, America has a boyfriend before getting selected in The Selection but unfortunately they break up and she keeps on thinking she will never find a man who is as suitable as her boyfriend. Eventually, she falls in love with the prince and accepts to marry him when he proposes her.

This book also focuses on girl’s feelings and emotions about guys in general which I found quite relatable. Some of them were exactly how I used to and still think about guys. Moreover, the book also talks about the obstacles that will occur in individual’s life and the difficult choices they will have to make in order to overcome it. Finally, the author explains indirectly to the readers that there is no such thing as fate or destiny and that your personal action reflects on your final result. This was demonstrated when America chooses prince over her boyfriend even when he comes back to her.

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My leadership style

"team work makes dream work."

In my opinion, I have a persuader leadership style. This is because I prefer friendly, open atmosphere where each member of the group has a job to do. Being friendly helps build strong relationships with people and is quite useful if you want to attain a successful result. Firstly, I am a person with a fixed moral belief that everyone should be given a chance to prove their talents. As a matter of fact, if I am working in a group for something, I usually ask my team member what they are good at and assign the jobs accordingly because people’s happiness/confidence usually relies on their strengths. For instance, when my friends and I went for trivia competition which included questions from all subjects, I asked my team members which subject they wanted to focus on while playing the game. Then each member chose a subject and I chose to do the math. I made the final decision because more than one of the members wanted to do science, so I asked each of them their second best strength and then decided respectively. Moreover, I motivated them when they thought they wouldn’t be able to answer any questions since our competitors were very intelligent and quick to answer questions. Finally, I think this a balanced leadership style because one person doesn’t get to make all the decisions instead everyone in the group will have their own part to do and in the end, if it is a successful result, all team members will get to feel the achievement. Additionally, this is a low-risk leadership style and will cause fewer fights because you are not trying to rule the team by forcing them do their assigned task, which they are either not good at or passionate about.

youtuber explaining why team work makes the dream work


My Influences

My mom

Who I have become as a person is reflected in my mom’s teachings and her confidence in me. Firstly, since childhood, she was very strict when it came to studies. She was a teacher in my school for most of life. As a matter of fact, she would always ask my teachers if they think I am doing good or not and then she would teach me techniques to avoid them. Since first grade till seventh grade, she would always be beside me if I needed help with anything and I never regretted her for doing that. I usually got the top marks and part of the reason was because of my mom. Even in the free time, she would spend time by telling me to revise my notes and quizzing me to get me prepared for tests and exams. Furthermore, since I am an only child she never said no to anything I ask for. She always bought all the clothes and jewelry I would ask for because she knew, unlike my friends I didn’t find video games and toys fascinating. Additionally, she let me join various extracurricular activities such as dance, art, music because I wanted to know all kind of skills. Finally, since childhood she always had solutions to all my problems and was always supportive of me. For instance, when I first came to Canada, I was teased a lot for my Indian accent and poor English speaking skills. One day, it came to a point where I couldn’t take it in anymore so she encouraged me by saying that my smile is the biggest strength and that if I can be the top scorer in India then I could be one here too. However, I need to stop ignoring what people had to say about me and focus very hard on what I wanted to achieve. This really inspired me and it was a turning point in my life where my only goal was getting 85 and above in all subjects.

My friends

My friends are the only ones who can manage to put a smile on my face. They have never made me feel bad for not having a sibling instead they annoy me 24/7 with their gossips. Moreover, they always have my back no matter what situation I am in. Often, it is easier to share my feelings and secrets with my friends more than my family. Additionally, they know my weaknesses but they always make me realize that my strengths overshadow them. I even have a few friends who will listen to my stupidest garbage patiently just because I am having a bad day. Finally, my friends and I have a very strong bond because even though our interests and dislikes are different, we tend to transparently know each other.

Ms. Dhaliwal

There is a stereotypical definition in the society stating that Asians are only intelligent in Mathematics. However, Ms. Dhaliwal proves it wrong by becoming one of the best English teachers I have ever seen and inspiring me to embrace my ancestral identity. Her English teaching skills are beyond amazing because she actually takes the time to find an approach to explaining the lessons in a way that students would easily understand. Moreover, she usually marks assignments and tests pretty hard but she always has satisfying explanations for them. Additionally, she provides me with improvement tips and if she sees my applying her advice in the future assignments then she gives me a good mark. In conclusion, her teaching skills have had a great impact on me because for the first time I am getting a 91 in English and understanding the subject hundred times better than before.

My Role model - Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman

Lilly Singh is one of the leading you tubers and she is popularly known by her stage name, “Superwoman”. She started creating videos five years ago when she was going through her depression battle and thought if she can make other people happy by making videos then she will also get happiness from it. She nearly has 10 million subscribers from all around the world and did a world tour recently. There are many reasons as to why I love her and her videos. To begin with, she is a big inspiration to me and so many people because she is the only you tuber of Indian heritage in the history who have become so famous. Moreover, she inspires me to embrace my identity and prove to the world that stereotypes can’t stop from becoming who you really are if you put your full effort in what you are doing.

Furthermore, her videos have truly helped me a lot when I was feeling down, especially the videos when she acts as her parents. Additionally, she vlogs her daily life where she tells people how she actually is in real person, her beliefs and what kind of day she is going through. Her vloging journey has influenced me to look at life in a different perspective because she keeps reminding me that if I am not having a good day then tomorrow is an another day to regain my balance. This is because she always tries to stay positive and looks at the brighter side of life. For instance, once her entire video clip got deleted but instead of whining, she started writing a new script and recorded a video based on it. She makes me realize that patience is the key for everything because it is about accepting the present and moving on with it because your present cannot be changed but the results of your future depend on the present actions.

Finally, the thing I like the most about her is that she isn’t a two sided. It’s not like she pretends to be a good person just when she doing videos or when meeting people but even in her vlogging we can see that she is true to herself and to the audience. For instance, she is naturally a friendly person, doesn’t swear at all and respects people, even the ones who don’t respect her. Additionally, in an interview, she stated that she started doing her videos not because she wants to be seen as a role model but because she wanted to express her identity and encourage more people to show themselves who they really are to the world.

In conclusion, Lilly has not only inspired me to achieve my goals by working hard but to do them with passion as there is no point of doing something if you don’t love what you are doing.

My future career plan number 1

Job title : Chartered Professional Accountant

Job description

· CPA is the internationally recognized Canadian accounting designation and business credential that best protects and serves the public interest.

· They play key roles within diverse segments of the economy including industry, public accounting, government, education and the not-for-profit sector.

· CPAs hold many executive positions which includes CEO or President, CFO, treasurer, Board of Directors and Accounting Managers.


.Taking the accountancy course in grade 11 and 12

· Area coverage to be admitted to the new CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).

· Have an undergraduate degree of 3-4 year from a college or university

· Passing the CPA exam

· After CPA exam, you need to pass the Ethics exam in order to get a CPA license

· Must apply for your CPA license through your state's board of accountancy


How many years

· Doing Co-op in high school will be helpful as its hands-on working experience and universities really look forward to that.

· Practical experience requirement for minimum 30 months.

· The experience is assessed by a CPA professional.

· You are required to do detailed reports at regular intervals. Besides, you must meet and discuss about your progress with a CPA mentor semi-annually.

· Practical experience training falls under 6 areas: financial reporting, management accounting, audit and assurance, strategy and governance, finance and taxation.

Why I am interested?

My strength lies within math and it is vital for chartered accountancy. Over the years, the scope of a career as a CA(SA) has expanded considerably, to the point where qualified CAs(SA) are now found in almost all successful organisations. Business leaders, strategists and highly regarded entrepreneurs - across all industries - are often found to have a CA(SA) qualification in their background. This encourages me to choose CA as one of dream jobs because it is not like you study to become a computer engineer and that is the only option you got. When it comes to studying for CA, my jobs options are broadened and I like having a lot of options to choose from.

Specific skills

· Self-management

· Teamwork and leadership

· Professional and ethical behaviour

· Problem-solving and decision-making

· Communication

Salary and benefits


-CPAs are well-paid professionals. As a result, the average annual compensation of Chartered Professional Accountants in all working sectors, age ranges and regions in the country is around $172,000.

-Statistics Canada estimated that the average yearly earnings is to be about $47,000 but with compensations it is $172,000 is per year

-In New York city, the average salary of Chartered Professional Accountant working in New York City is $112, 000


1. Demand: Becoming a CPA gives you a competitive advantage of having a prosperous even in tough economic times.

2. High earning potential: The least compensation a professional could have in any industry type is around $130, 000.

3. Opportunities without boundaries: A member of CPA profession has a powerful professional network. Since CPA designation is internationally-recognized and respected designation, so you can take you skills in any sector, organization, anywhere in the world.

4. Increased responsibility: CPA designation demonstrates high professional standards and commitment. Hence, if you are a CPA, the members make sure that you are a qualified candidate who is capable of handling difficult challenges.

5. Improved skills and knowledge: CPA program is a challenging educational program that helps students learn to manage the pressures and paces of managing global economy by meeting the needs of industry and public practice.


-I would to like to live and work in New York (New York City) as New York City is the finance capital of America and opportunities of career growth.

-Even though the cost of living is bit high, I’ll be living in one of the greatest cities in the entire world.


Story of a chartered accountant

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My future career plan number 2

Job Title: Family Physician

· Family physician is uniquely trained to care for you as a whole person, regardless of your age or sex.

· A physician also counsels the patients or members of the community to prevent illness.

· They run various tests to diagnose the patients’ conditions and prescribe medications.

· Family physician are patients/ first point of contact because without their prescription, other specialized physicians can’t treat particular organ or disease.


.Talking all science courses in grade 11 and 12, participating in events like stem olympics

.Take health coop in summer school

· 3 years of an undergraduate program leading to a bachelor’s degree

· Mostly required to take biological and physical sciences courses at university

· Write the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

· 3 to 4 years in basic medical school training

· Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCEE) part 1 EXAM

· Apply for postgraduate training (Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) in association with

· Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS)

· MCCEE Part 2 exam (for residency)

· Residency lasts between 2-5 years where you are working in a teaching school or clinic, learning from senior doctors or teaching medical students who are still at school

· College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) exam

· Doing Co-op in high school will be helpful as its hands-on working experience and universities really look forward to that.

· Healthcare Physician: 1 year

· Residency training is required for 3-4 years as that’s the most crucial part in medical education where you get to really work with senior doctors.

Specific skills

· Good communicators as their main job is to counsel patients and explain procedures or discuss test results or prescribed treatments with patients

· Good listener- to listen to patients/ problems

· Committed to their work

· Have a desire for lifelong learning.

· Extensive medical learning

· Critical thinking

Why I am interested?

My dream job is to become a doctor of some kind or a medical scientist because I always enjoyed helping other people who are in need of help. Additionally, I like studying diseases and finding a cure for them. So, if I study medical science and become a medical scientist then I’ll be able to conduct experiments to find a cure for untreatable diseases and I always found interesting gathering up clues and finding a solution with them. On the other hand, being a doctor will help my rescue my own family members if they are ever in need and finally because it is the fastest growing job in Canada.

Salary and Benefits


· According to Statistics Canada, 2015, the median yearly earning is $156,426 per year.


1. Compensation: Doctors get good compensation for their services and

2. Restoring health- Doctors get the satisfaction from helping patients recover

3. Maintaining Health: Since doctors are always counselling patients and give them tips to be healthy, they themselves learn to maintain a good health

4. Teaching: Doctors have the opportunity to mentor students and new physicians, community and educate their patients about their health issues.

5. Research: Some physicians undertake medical research, studying diseases, efficiency of a medication and potential treatments

6. Extended learning: Physicians are always developing their career as they keep on learning about new medications for various diseases throughout their career.

7. Building relationships: Overtime, physicians build their relationships with their patients.


-I would like to stay in Ontario because baby boomers are beginning to retire and growing demand of physicians in underserviced areas such as rural and northern locations.


Physician career information

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My family symbols

Video explaining Hinduism in a nutshell

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Favourite cricketer playing cricket

Virat Kohli 117 Runs vs Australia | IND vs AUS 3rd ODI 2016

Favourite bollywood movie trailer

Taare Zameen Par (Official Trailer)

Video on how to make a dosa

How to make Crispy Dosa Video Recipe - Rice and lentil crepes by Bhavna

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Learning Styles - Kinesthetic-Visual

I agree with the results because since childhood I was never an auditor learner. When people explained things to me, I would understand but it would be more beneficial if they actually use charts or pictures to explain it to me. Additionally, I consider myself as a visual learner because when I look at videos of something I learned in class, I tend to understand it better than the teacher just showing a powerpoint and explaining it. Finally, I am hands-on work learner. I like to do cue cards or write the same topic over and over again to memorize it. I like to carry out experiments myself than a teacher showing it to me and telling me to write the observations. For instance, I like to do the science labs and math problems by myself rather than a teacher showing it. I understand and learn better from doing everything myself.

Personality Test- (Introverted, iNtuiting, Feeling, Perceiving)

I agree with my result because I am very spiritual. I always take my own beliefs or perceptions of things first before someone's else's even if their's seem more realistic. This helps me value my opinion and have a voice in the society. Secondly, I am a very idealistic person. I always take an example of what's happening in the world when trying to explain something to someone or everyone make myself understand a concept. Moreover, I always consider whether the thing I am attempting to do is possible for me to do it not whether it is generally possible. This way I don't end up losing my hope in making other things that I can do. Thirdly, I love being creative. I try my best to change my assignments and do it in a way that is slightly different than the teacher's expectations because I don't like to follow an instruction just as it. I always think that there are multiple methods to a problem. Finally, I love putting my thoughts into a dance, art work or even a song. I like to be artistic because it lets me be creative with a complex thing by turning it into a simpler version of it.

Interests Test - The Investigator (CI)

I agree with the result because I always love watching mystery movies or t.v shows because I like to find clues to the questions. This applies to everything if something is wrong with someone close to me, I'll investigate and try to find clues so I can gather various possibilities. Moreover, I like to be organized at everything I do. If I see that my stuff for a particular class is in a different binder, then I'll feel very irresponsible or unorganized. Hence, I always keep my belongings where they are supposed to go. Finally, I love analyzing information. I feel like when an individual tries to find information from a data or paragraph, then it really helps their mental power because they are not only reading them but figuring out important details from it.

My favourite detective movie

Sherlock Special: Official extended trailer - BBC One

Knowledge Test - Science

I don't think science is my strength. This is because I got the highest marks in Math in grade 9 and I am getting the highest marks in Math in grade 10 so far. Though I care about marks a lot, I consider the contents more. If I don't like what I am learning but getting the highest marks, then there is no point of considering it as my strength. Additionally, the reason why I love Math a lot or why I consider it as my strength is because I love solving problems a lot. It helps me in daily life when I try to overcome an obstacle with reasoning. Although I love investigating and finding a cure to diseases, I think Math is necessary in every single concept. The importance of math is beyond explanation. We need math for everything from knowing which year we are living in to how much medicine we need to consume when we are sick.

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Motivations Test -Independence

I agree with my result because whenever I feel like I haven't put a lot of hard work in something or done by best, I feel less accomplished. Hence, I usually put all my hard work into my assignments even if they don't count for a lot of marks because that is what is going to help me in future, to give my best in everything I do. This way I'll not have less hope for certain things or feel really accomplished about one thing. Moreover, I know when I deserve higher grades and when I don't. It's when I do hard work because when I put more effort into something, I can expect a great result as I have given my best in it. Altogether, I like to combine and put all the skills I have into tasks in order to feel like I have accomplished something.

multiple Intelligence test-

My strongest MI’s are kinesthetic and intrapersonal strengths because they received the top score which is 90. My second strongest MI’s are musical and existential strengths. The MI’s that are neither my strongest nor my weakest are logical and visual strengths. My second weakest MI is my naturalistic strength. Finally, my weakest MI’s are interpersonal and verbal strengths.

Kinesthetic- I am not at all surprised by my strongest multiple intelligences because I am skilled at conveying my feelings or ideas using my body. Additionally, I feel better when I am actually experimenting things out using my hands rather than someone else demonstrating it for me. This is because I learn things by actually doing them rather than just look at them. Finally, I like to be active and do activities outdoors rather than just sit home and watch movies.

Intrapersonal- I am really self-aware of my emotions, beliefs and goals. I don’t need someone else to guide me through my life and tell me what actions I should take in order to achieve my goals. This is because I learn best independently by spending time thinking and reflecting on my life.

I think everything else is in order as well. For instance, I am really bad at communicating verbally to people because I feel like I can’t analyze information and explain it to people properly. However, if you tell me to send a text message or even write a speech to convey my ideas then I will do excellent on it. In my opinion, I think it is easy for me to put my thoughts on a paper as I can see what I have written and then clearly express as to why it is important.

Knowing now that kinesthetic and intrapersonal are my strongest multiple intelligences, I am going learn by manipulating objects and working on my assignments independently where there is less noise. Firstly, I am going to take active notes when teachers are teaching something, do cue cards for unit tests and conduct physical experiments instead of what is already given to me. Secondly, I am going to create a personal interest in a topic that I am really concerned about and raise awareness because I like to try to solve problems by myself. Thirdly, I am going to start keeping journals so that I can write about my beliefs or morals and how daily life affects them.

True colours test

First attempt

I agree with my true colour assessment because I am equally balanced in all three personality colours which include curious green, adventurous orange and harmonious green.

To begin with, I have enjoyed learning new things since childhood no matter what subject it refers to as I feel more aware of concepts after studying them. For instance, in total I can understand eight languages because I was always curious what my friends were talking about when they talked in their own language. So I started learning basic stuff from them and eventually, learned their language. Accordingly, I like to share what I learned to my friends not because I expect to gain some of their knowledge in return; but because it allows realizing what information I actually remember.

Furthermore, I am a very sensitive and emotional person, not in like a very sad kind of way. If someone close to me is having a bad day then I wouldn’t just ask them about the reason, tell them a positive quote and leave them to go through it. I would either connect my stories of having a bad day with them or engage them in a game or a topic they are passionate about, so their mind isn’t focused too much on the topic they are concerned about. Moreover, I am a very imaginative person because I always like to draw a map in my head as to how something I am going to attempt is going to look like. Otherwise, I would just feel mentally disoriented.

Finally, I am a very adventurous person. For instance, if I have no homework or assignments left to do, I would rather go out for a walk rather than what most teenagers would love to do which are watching their favorite television shows, sleep in or read a book. Additionally, I always get excited for even the smallest things I receive because I like to value every single thing that happens in my life as there are a lot of people in other parts of the world who don’t even have the basic needs that an individual needs for survival.

Second attempt

My results were slightly different but I still had three equally balanced colours. In this test, the three top colours I got are blue, gold, and green. The only difference from the previous test is that gold and orange were switched. In my opinion, the questions in this test were more detailed and related to the true colours topic. The questions also had levels of possibility for the questions which made it more fairer because for some of them I couldn’t strongly agree or disagree. Now that I have done this test, I do think I am more of a gold person than an orange person. This is because I love helping people partially because they could help me when I really need them but mainly because I imagine myself in their situation. If I were to be living their day and had no one to spend even half an hour of their time to help me, I would feel horrible about my friends and the world itself.