Corporate Greed - Now and 2154

"They're fly-bitten savages that live in a tree" - Parker

Corporate Greed - Now and in History

In the modern day world we are influenced by the rich minority. The minority who control the corporations, the minority who control us. We live our day to day lives unaware of how we're being forced to act as they want us to. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, we are influenced. We wear clothes guilt-free unaware of the pain and suffering people go to, to make us what they'd call luxuries, paid cents a week in sweat shops so we can live our perfect first-world lives. Our food is filled with sugar, a cheap and addictive filler, allowing corporations to get us hooked on their products and make larger profit margins for using lower quality ingredients. The paper we write on is made from rainforests being destroyed around the world, the native habitats for many species, just so we can function in our third-world country at the cost of hundreds if not thousands of species, and we mustn't forget indigenous races like the Maori, Aboriginals and Native American Indians who were made prisoners in their own land for the benefit of the rich European settlers so they could live a life of happiness and luxury with indigenous people as our slaves.

Corporate Greed - 2154

In 2154 we see that the greed of humans and corporations has destroyed our planet and they've now begun to destroy the natural environment of Pandora another planet. From what we see of Earth in 2154 society is heavily industrialized with advertising everywhere. The pollution has caused there to be no natural light and the cities were just tall grey towers showing that humans have been forced to build up wards because they've run out of room to grow outwards. On Pandora we see the humans exploiting the planet for its precious unobtainium deposits and stopping at nothing to get it, they are willing to use their advanced military power to kill and destroy the Na'vi and their communities because as Parker Selfridge says "This is why we're here. Because this little grey rock sells for $20 million a kilo. That's the only reason." Even on foreign planets humans see themselves as the superior life form and couldn't care less about others as long as they benefit from their actions.

Lessons We Are Taught By The Director Through The Theme

The director, James Cameron, teaches us through the we see Jake on Earth and characters like Parker Selfridge on Pandora. We see on Earth that huge multi-national corporation like McDonald's have seemingly taken over and he has used familiar corporations to show how they'll continue to grow and influence us. On Pandora we are shown Parker Selfridge who represents the corporation in charge of mining on Pandora, he is arrogant and ignorant to the actions going on and will go along with anything he is told by the Colonel as long as he makes money from it. Although at the end of the movie we start to see his conscience start to take over he still doesn't do anything because he has a job he's been told to do and that is extract Unobtainium and as long as he keeps doing that the shareholders will be happy. It shows how greed powers our world and humans will stop at nothing to get what they want and from what we see on Earth is shows us how we need to change how we are or our future generations will live in a horrible world with no nature or real light all because of money.

Destruction of Hometree

Tuesday, Aug. 20th 2154 at 5:30pm

Hometree, Pandora

This event shows Human arrogance, destroying the natural habitats of the native beings. This arrogance is highlighted as the Colonel says that the soldiers should hurry as he wants to be home for tea and upon destroying Hometree he says the first rounds on him, this shows the Colonel's ignorance towards the lives he's destroying and his sheer arrogance towards others.

Thomas Wright