Kinder Corner

Week 3

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Computer logins and Library Numbers

You should have received a yellow sheet of paper with your child’s name and library number on it this week. Please practice that number with your child so that they can memorize it and independently enter it into the keyboard. This number is his/her student ID number and will be tied to your student as long as they are in Plano ISD. You will be receiving your child’s computer login and password this coming week along with a paper keyboard. Please go to mypisd.netand help your child learn how to independently login. Your child’s time on educational computer activities will be better utilized if they can master the login process independently. The login is another item that will not change as they progress through their years in Plano ISD, although the password will change from year to year.

Word Family Cards

Parents, we will be sending home word family cards on a ring next week. Please keep these at home as we will be adding to them regularly. Your child will have an identical set at school. The goal is for students to understand words that belong to the same word family are rhyming words. The end part of the word remains the same, and new words can be made by changing the first letter(s). We ask that you ask your child to occasionally read through the ring of word families (a few at a time) and discuss it with them. Ask them what other words belong in that word family that are not listed? This simple exercise will have a dramatically positive impact on your child's reading.

Thank you so much for partnering with us to help your child have the best Kindergarten year possible.

Fun Friday - Choose Your Adventure

Did you travel this summer? Wear green if you went hiking, brown if it was the mountains, blue for the beach, or camouflage if you did a combination of things.