The Comma Way

The 10 comma rules

Introducing comma rules

Learn the 10 comma rules to not like you do know what you are doing.

This is why you want to know the 10 comma rules and not look like a bad writer.

"Let's eat grandma!" this sounds like they want to eat their grandma. They wanted to say, "Let's eat, grandma!"

The 10 comma rule's 1-5

1. Use commas to separate 3 or more things.

Good Example: "some of my favorite sports are baseball, basketball, and lacrosse"

Good Example: " My favorite places are Denver, Florida, and Missouri

2. Use commas when writing an informational letter after the opening and the closing.

Good Example: "Dear Mr. Hosmer, Thank you for the amazing season. You did terrific in the playoffs. Sincerely, Carson and Aiden"

Good Example:" Dear Mr. Obama, Thank you for 2 terms as president, they have been wonderful. Sincerely, Noah, Aiden, and Carson"

3. Use commas in addresses and dates.

Good Example: "Today is Wednesday, January 14"

Good Example:" Today is Thursday, January 15"

4. Use commas when addressing a person to set off a name

Good Example: "Billy, are you going to the dance?"

Good Example:" Aiden, are you going to the game"

5. Use a comma with short expressions such as: well, yes, no, sure, and oh"

Good Example: "Yes, I can go to the dance"

Good Example:" oh, we have a game?"

The 10 comma rules 6-10

6. Use a comma to join 2 sentences before the words and, but, for , so, and yet.

Good Example:" First, I got my socks, and I got a haircut.

Good Example:" I went to basketball practice, for practice"

7. Use commas before and after words that may interrupt the flow of thought

Good Example:"I was running, WHAM, I ran into my friend"

Good Example:"I was losing control, POP, I hit my friend

8. Use commas to set off transistional words or expressions.

Good Example:"First, I went to the restroom"

Good Example:" Next, I read a book"

9. Use a comma after a introductory element.

Good Example:" When I was playing, I lost control"

Good Example:" When I was six, I ran into a wall"

10. Use commas with direct qutations.

Good Example:" I said, I went to the practice."

Good Example: "Are you're fingers hurting?, said Rob Lough"