The Uniforms

Mentari Indonesia Jaya Foundation

let's change to have the same mission

Here are the kinds of uniforms that we've discussed and made. Those belong to the foundation, -means that when you leave this school, those will be returned back to the owner. there are 2 kinds of uniforms; Foundation's and School's.

about the purchase

clothe and sewing

clothes: The YMIJ Foundation spends Rp11.730.000
Sewing: 46 x 2 pieces of Foundation's uniform = 92 pieces
92 x 145.000 (sewing, buttons, and embroidery) = Rp13.340.000
46 x 107.500 (sewing, buttons, and embroidery) = Rp 4.945.000
total sewing: Rp18.285.000
total spend: Rp30.015.000