My Team Of Lovelies :)

Welcome to November!

This is one of the best months of the year for retailers, and so it will be for us too! I want to give you all 3 goals this month. Don't be scared! These are goals that will push you and will help to move your business forward. With goals in place we tend to reach higher than if we had none, and I think you will all be pleased with the successes you will see from working towards them. Let's make November our BEST month ever as a team.
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You should all be aware of the new training modules on Behind the Counter. This is a vast improvement over the old way that most of us have learned. These are quick soundbites of necessary, helpful information. We ALL could benefit from going through them, even me. So let's all lock arms and commit to completing Module 1 (25 quick posts) by November 30. Are you with me?? This can be done while you lounge on the couch after the kids are in bed, this could be done in the 5 minutes while you wait for your kids at school. Let's get more educated, it will only help us all :)
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I want to goal all of you to book 3 socials this month. Yes, 3 :) One hosted by you (Holiday Open House type event) and 2 hosted by customers/new contacts. Socials are truly the best use of our time. In a small amount of time, we get to meet new people, hopefully outside our own networks, who might become great customers or new social hosts or even a new consultant.

Remember, they don't have to be fancy. Just some friends, a couple bottles of wine (or coffee) and a little education. I was struggling to find another social host today so I posted on FB about our great hostess rewards and asked anyone interested to message me, and someone DID! We are set for Dec 4. You just never know. Look at your best customers, ask them if they want to earn rewards. What about a friend that has a budget and hasn't been able to buy what she would like, a social would help her to make those purchases. If you are really having trouble, ask a close friend to help you by hosting. Let me know if you are having any trouble and I will help you brainstorm.

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Let's all hit $2000 Personal Volume!!! I know that might sound like a big number, but one thing is sure, if you don't have a goal you won't ever hit it. I would rather you all get farther than you expected than not have a goal. We can DO this! This can be done many ways :)

    • JOIN: Is there someone that has been thinking about joining us but hasn't? Share with them our added incentive this month for joining. If they hit $500 PV, they earn a FREE Body Wash and Hydrate body lotion (flyer above). This is in addition to our new fabulous Start Counting program (flyer below). To recap, if your new consultant hits $500 PV this month they will get the two great products above PLUS $100 product credit. WELCOME AND CONGRATS TO SHELLEY M FOR EARNING BOTH OF THESE REWARDS THIS MONTH!
    • Socials!! You will already have your 3 socials scheduled so those will definitely get you toward your $2000 goal.
    • Face Kits! These are our bread and butter. You should have your face kits loaned out week in and week out. 80% of the time, for me, they turn into sales. If your kits are sitting at your house, they aren't working for you. Put them to work!!
    • Holiday Gift Sets! Regardless if you have the sets to show clients or not, you should be looking at your customers and send them an email announcing our holiday sets but then also specifically listing a couple you think they would like. "Cassie, I know you need some teachers gifts this year. I think our Lip Conditioning Duo $38 or our Holiday Hand Duo $38 could be perfect options." Make it easy for them.
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I am HERE for you

PLEASE let me know if you need any help. I would LOVE to help make November you best month yet. I would love to schedule a call with each and everyone of you to touch base. Please email me what time of day works best for you and we will set something up. I know it is sometimes tough to make time, but I always feel more inspired and energized after talking to my mentor. We need each other. We are here to help each other. We are all here for a reason, take time to remember what that reason is and let's all have the happiest and healthiest holiday season. Cheers!