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Ways to contact me:

Email at

Call/text me at 480-331-3821

Leave me a message at 480-498-6053.

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Synchronous Sessions

Synchronous Sessions

The Synchronous Sessions will be on Mondays at 715pm (except for the first day) and on Wednesdays at 715pm. If you do not attend the live session, please watch the recorded version (Asynchronous Session). The lessons are not extra work, but instruction to help you with this class.

If you cannot attend the live session (Synchronous Session) and need to watch the recorded version (Asynchronous Session), I will post the link in the Announcements on Fridays.

In order to earn the points for the Synchronous Session, you MUST complete the Exit Ticket at the end. Below is the link. Please SAVE it! I know it says “social studies”, but it is the correct link as I teach social studies too!

Pacing Calendar

I have provided a pacing calendar here. You do not have to follow it exactly, but will help you stay on track, You can work on the weekends too!

Discussion Boards

Discussion Board

You will need to follow the guidelines of the discussion board in order to earn full credit. I have attached the rubric here so please take a look at it before you begin answering the discussion board questions. You will not earn full credit if you only write one sentence and/or have a lot of capitalization and grammar errors! Sometimes I might respond to your discussion board post and ask you a question. If you respond, you have a chance to earn more points.

  • You will answer two questions per day or answer one question and respond to another classmate's response.
  • At the end of the week, you should have 10 posts on the Discussion Board. As you progress through the week, you will notice your Unit Grade in the gradebook increase. The daily posts are worth 20 points. The weekly unit grade is worth 100 points.



Please take your time on your exams. The exams are worth a lot of points and will impact your grade. You can save and exit while taking the exam and find the answers in the workbooks and checkpoints.

If you earn a low grade on an exam, please email or call me and we discuss opening up a new attempt for you.



You can re-do your checkpoints up to 3 times. Please take advantage of this option. That means you have three times to earn a 100%!



There are several different writing projects. These too are worth a lot of points so please take your time and do your best on them. Follow the directions as you can earn points in each lesson as it pertains to the project. I will be grading the projects using the Six Traits Writing Rubric and have provided it below.

The projects for ENG 9B are as follows;

  • Writing Sample

  • Project 1-Digital Narrative

  • Project 2-Travel Guide

  • Project 3-Literary Analysis

  • Project 4-Digital Folio

  • Project 5-Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Writing Assessment

Tech Support

If you come across any complications while accessing your classes, submitting work, etc, please contact our Student Services team to start the troubleshooting process.

Hours: Monday-Friday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.(excluding school breaks and holidays)

Phone: 480.456.6678 and press option 2 for current students, then press 1 for Student Services/Tech Support.

Student Life

Interactive Student Life

Just because you attend high school online doesn’t mean you can’t have a social life! Primavera offers students numerous ways to get involved. Students are encouraged to interact with their peers and teachers by attending school events, joining one of our student clubs and by utilizing the communication tools provided in the Parent Student Portal.

Our Street Team participates at events across the state, such as concerts, fairs, festivals and hosts student events such as Casting Calls and Preview Primavera to provide students and parents with opportunities to meet one another and build relationships.

And don’t forget to check out our Blog, which includes giveaways, event recaps and even features student-submitted work. We also have a strong social media presence and invite all of our students and parents to join the discussion and fun on Facebook and Twitter.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Student Life at Primavera.



Primavera’s school week runs Saturday through Friday and parents are responsible for verifying their students’ daily attendance through their authorized user login. All full-time students must be in attendance a minimum of 30 hours per week (15 hours suggested per course per week). Concurrent students are required to submit 15 hours of attendance per week per course.

Instructional activities that count towards attendance are activities such as,
but not limited to:

  • Attending the online activities and classrooms

  • Reading books or other instructional materials

  • Writing papers, essays, stories or other assignments, including postings for classroom participation

  • Conducting research (online or other methods)

  • Troubleshooting technical issues

  • Contacting Primavera Staff

All Students must submit five lessons over a seven day period per course.