The Wright Brothers


Early Life

Wilbur the older one was born on August 19, 1871 and Orville, the one with the moustache was born on May 20, 1912. The brother's dad gave them toy plane that the brothers played with until they broke it. They made their own copy of the toy plane and called it the "bat." That was the first inspiration for them learning to fly.

Inspiration to Flying

As the brothers grew older, they had a cycle company called "Wright Cycle co." They built, repaired and sold bikes and, they built big gliders to understand how flying will be. They finally went to Kitty Hawk to test their inventions.

The Final Test

As the brothers grew older, they started to build better and better inventions. As they finally drew their last and best invention, The Wright Flyer. They got up to 852 feet up and the flight lasted 59 seconds long. Wilbur died on May 20,1912 and Orville died on January 30,1948.