Come See What It Is To Be the President Of the United States

Constitutional Requirements To Be The President

  • Must Be At Least 35 Years Young
  • Has Been A Resident Of The United States For The Last 14 Years
  • Is A Natural Born Citizen

Being The President

  • Salary: $400,000
  • $50,000 annual expense account
  • $100,000 Travel Account
  • $19,000 for Entertainment
  • Benefits include living in the White House, Protection From The Secret Service even after your presidency ends, Private Plane: Air Force One, and much more

Constitutional Powers Of The President

  • Chief Executive: Appoint heads of departments and justices.
  • Commander in Chief: Leader of the U.S. Military. May not declare war or initiate war. May Pardon, Make treaties.
  • Chief Diplomat: Represents every person in the U.S. to other countries internationaly
  • Signs or rejects (vetoes) all legislative bills passed by Congress.
  • Can grant Reprieves or Pardons
  • Makes Treaties (with foreign nations) with the Advice and Consent of the Senate
  • Nominates for appointment, with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, Ambassadors, public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States.
  • Can convene both Houses of Congress on extraordinary Occasions.
  • Receives Ambassadors and other public Ministers.
  • Commissions all Officers of the United States.

Commander in chief is the most important power the president has because he is supposed to protect the country and the people in it. The president must protect the rights of everybody and put American laws above all. We must remain a power in the world and be able to use our resources and power to protect our country.

The FIVE Leadership qualities and skills

Consensus building. You must be able to get support for every action, by reaching across the isle and being and effective leader.

Effective decision making. You must be able to make decisions in high-stakes, stressful situations such as during a conflict or economic downturn.

Be able to communicate a clear, inspiring message to the country. Give people a goal, guidance, and a plan to make their lives and the country better.

Ensure Trust between the government and people. Lead with transparency and acknowledge the Constitution restricts government not the people.

Encourage conflict resolution. Whether it is foreign affairs or domestic affairs. Encourage peace abroad. Encourage Congress to work together as well as other states.

Solving The Gun Control Issue

As president I would not ban guns by any means. I would promote positive gun ownership by creating programs that very thoroughly talks about guns and gun use giving statistics about shootings and show the facts of shootings. After the slightly traumatic class that would be mandatory for new gun owners I would then I would make it not harder to get guns but a little more exclusive. I would make it mandatory to do a full and extensive background check including mental, and criminal. If you don't pass you simply cannot get a gun.

By: Connor Zobeck and Alex Yagla